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A woman named Melissa Carlton who has been in a coma for two months gave birth to a healthy baby boy. Delivered via C-section, the little boy was named Nathaniel West. The baby, who weighed five pounds nine ounces at birth, was not expected to survive, nor the mother. Yet both are still alive and recovering. Since the birth, Carlton has responded to the baby with eye contact and is able to nurse with assistance.

The whole incident began when Carlton went in for surgery ten weeks ago. She was to have a benign tumor on her brain removed, but she had a seizure during the surgery. As a result, it damaged part of her brain and sent her into the coma. Melissa Carlton is on the road to recovery, however, and her new husband Brian has been nothing but supportive to the newest member of his family, as well as his recovering wife. The family of Carlton is very grateful for Brian and say they are very thankful for the way he has handled the situation...
”This is a story of joy and it's not lost on us that this is a story about Brian and his love...He has taken care of our daughter in a way that parents can only hope for, and that's a credit for Melissa because Melissa chose him."

Things have been looking up for the family as Melissa makes the slow road to recovery. CBS News is saying she touched her husband's face recently and hugged him for the first time since she’s gone into the coma. Medically, a coma means a period of unconsciousness lasting longer than six hours where the victim can best be described as “comatose”.This means when unconscious they cannot be woken up, nor will they respond to stimuli. They may also be prone to making involuntary actions.

Can you imagine having a baby in a coma? Much credit to everyone involved who made something that sounded like a bad tabloid headline a real heartwarming event. In a situation where literally everything could have gone wrong, everything went right in the most impossible and best way imaginable.