It's scary enough to think of waking from a deep sleep to discover someone's burglarizing your house, but for one Sacramento woman, the situation turned bizarre when she discovered the burglar asleep on her couch. From what she tells reporters, she made the intruder stay put - after making him take his feet off her couch, of course - using a machete to keep him from running off.

CBS News' Sacramento site posted the story, stating that Sacramento woman Teryl Parnell woke up to find a burglar asleep on her couch, with her valuables collected and ready to to. The video below shows Parnell telling her side of the story, which included going into mom-mode and making him take his feet off the couch. And then there's the part where she got her machete and forced him to stay where he was until the cops arrived.

Others might panic at the sight of an intruder, but this woman, whom CBS says is an IT specialist for Sacramento County, kept her wits about her, found a weapon (apparently she had a machete handy) and kept the 25-year-old man from running while she waited for the cops. From the video above, she doesn't seem particularly rattled by the incident, even (presumably) joking about how hard it is to find good Chinese food. In the end, the authorities took care of the matter and no one got hurt. CBS Sacramento says the man was released on bail but picked up again for driving a stolen car.

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