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Top Chef judge and No Reservations star Anthony Bourdain is known for a lot of things, but dodging questions from the audience is definitely not one of them. I saw him live with Eric Ripert, and he ranted on everything from vegetarianism to Paula Deen. This weekend at the Great GoogaMooga Festival he did the same. Not surprisingly, a few of the tidbits his fans wanted to know were downright bizarre, but many were also enlightening and practical—like the best way to cook a unicorn.

Bourdain received the question from a little girl, and according to The Huffington Post, he launched into a detailed answer about the best ways to utilize different portions of the body. Apparently, he recommends roasting the loins, braising the forequarter, grilling the legs, saving the marrow for something special and then using the leftover horn to pick your teeth. There might be a lot of time-consuming steps involved, but his method is economical and environmentally friendly.

In case if you were wondering, Bourdain also spent his lecture admitting he would eat a human being if he had to, burn Olive Gardens down for poorly making pasta if he could and deep fry Dick Cheney if he were allowed to deep fry one person. How deliciously illegal.

In more wholesome news, Bourdain’s book Bone In The Throat has been optioned for a movie. You should be able to check that out sometime next year, at least if the host doesn’t eat you first.

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