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Earlier today, Sony revealed longtime Jeopardy host Alex Trebek was hospitalized on Saturday after he suffered a minor heart attack. Doctors have supposedly told the celebrity he must stay for observation, but by all accounts, he seems to be doing well and remaining positive. Because the show is on hiatus and not scheduled to return until next month, it’s widely assumed Trebek will be rested and ready to go in time. Production should remain on schedule, and fans likely won’t have to sit through an infuriating guest host.

I’ve watched Jeopardy every day for years. Now and again, I even scream at my television when Trebek wastes time making jokes and winds up preventing viewers from seeing all the clues, but as infuriating as his occasional asides might be, I still can’t imagine the game show without him. He’s the right level of intelligent to banter with the contestants, and he has a very calm presence that lends the show credibility and an aura of sophistication.

At seventy-one, Trebek won’t be hosting the daily forever. His current contract runs for a few more years, but after it’s finished, it’s unclear if he’ll even want to continue. The result could well be a Drew Carey/ Bob Barker situation in which a slew of celebrities are auditioned, film fake episodes and a winner is chosen to carry on the reigns. Based on its popularity, I can’t imagine the show would stop whenever Alex decides to retire, but the question is, would you be interested in watching without him? Let us know your thoughts by voting in the poll below…

Would You Watch Jeopardy Without Alex Trebek?

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