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YouTube Search Prompts Page To Do The Harlem Shake

It’s hard to top the “Harlem Shake” craze at this point. Baauer’s hit initially rose to prominence when it popped up as a dance-crazy meme, later spawning an evolution of viral videos that feature the dance craze in bedrooms and offices. I’m pretty sure I’ve even seen a funky one with T-pain and some other people getting their groove on. Buzzfeed has their own viral video. College humor has a competing viral video. On Friday, however, YouTube has managed to top them all, turning the website into a giant version of the “Harlem Shake.”

There’s a good chance you already headed all the way over to YouTube. In which case, you may be thinking I’m a crazy person, but unlike Google’s Doodle, you’ll have to punch in a code if you want to see the website do the “Harlem Shake.” All you need to do is type “do the Harlem Shake” into the search box and then hit search and your wish will be fulfilled. Check it out on the video site.

The last month has been a chaotic rush of new “Harlem Shake” videos around every corner. We’ve been here to show you some of the weirdest versions, however, in the last week or so, the buzz concerning the song and videos to correspond with it has calmed down a little. I don’t know if the YouTube stunt will re-spur the craze, but if you’ve been into this at all, it’s worth a watch. You can check out the original video, below.

Jessica Rawden

Amazing Race & Top Chef superfan with a pinch of Disney fairy dust thrown in. If you’ve created a rom-com I’ve probably watched it.