Hulk Hogan’s long friendship with Bubba the Love Sponge seems to have come to an end. Rumors are swirling that the former WWE champion will file a lawsuit later this week against his ex-BFF for surreptitiously filming the Hulkster in the throws of passion with Mrs. Bubba the Love Sponge, Heather Clem.

The sexual encounter reportedly happened six years ago. Hogan was down about his crumbling marriage, and Bubba supposedly offered up his wife to cheer his buddy up. Unfortunately, according to TMZ, the radio host filmed it without his buddy’s knowledge. Who actually released the clip is still a hotly debated question, but whether it was Bubba or not, Hulk and his lawyers think the mere filming was a gross invasion of privacy.

In addition to the lawsuit against Bubba, Hulk is also reportedly planning to hit Gawker with a federal suit for posting a one minute excerpt of the encounter. The website was already hit with a request to take the footage down, but as of press time, they have not abided by the plea. Only time will tell whether or not a judge will make them.

It’s always sad to see any long term friendship deteriorate, but it’s particularly awful to watch the one between Hulk and Bubba do so while everyone is watching. Maybe the emcee released the footage, maybe he didn’t. Either way, it seems likely he knew full well about the filming, and that’s definitely a betrayal.

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