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For some reason the Oscars are in the air lately, despite the fact that it's only August and next weekend's box office will likely be dominated by Conan the Barbarian. It started last week when Andy Serkis's motion-capture performance in Rise of the Planet of the Apes started turning heads, causing some people to wonder if he could finally get an Oscar nomination for the role (and inspiring me to argue that he won't, and he doesn't need to be anyway). Tomorrow sees the release of The Help, a feel-good but also serious-minded drama set in the Jim Crow South, and featuring enough strong female performances to single-handedly fill the Best Supporting Actress category at this year's Oscars if they play their cards right.

But will they? Is The Help this year's The Blind Side, or just a summer diversion that will be forgotten by October? And is a potential campaign for Viola Davis as Best Supporting Actress totally misleading and wrong? To answer these questions and talk about the movie in general, I got on the phone with The Film Experience's Nathaniel Rogers, my friend and expert in all things Oscar, especially when it comes to actresses and their potential for awards glory. We talked about the movie and about the Oscar season to come for about 15 minutes; take a listen below, and find all your streaming options there too.

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