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Spy Kids

Want a way to make tons of movie money on a backwater budget? Think Spy Kids.

"Spy Kids" stars Daryl Sabara and Alexa Vega as the underaged offspring of two super-spy parents. When their parents, played by the rapidly falling star Antonio Banderas and the more lucious than ever Carla Gugino, are captured, Cheech Marin comes in to save the day, and is promptly killed. On their own, the Cortez tykes take it upon themselves to save the day through a series of lucky close calls and complex array of perfectly kiddie size spy gadgetry.

Parents, you're in luck, you won't hate this movie. Its always nice when someone has the brains to put out a film parents can take their kids to see without having to drink a lot of hard liquor to make it through the opening credits. Robert Rodriguez has the brains and he puts them to good use.

Spy Kids is not a smart film, its not an impressive film, and its certainly NOT a high budget film. But it is a lot of harmless fun, the kind of thing anyone can watch without wanting to put a popcorn bucket on their head and hum softly to drown out the pain. Strangely enough, its very akin to last years Charlie's Angels in feel, minus all the lovely T&A. If the Angels were kids, I'm certain they'd approve.

Parents, take your kiddies and enjoy. Everyone else, I'd stay FAR FAR away from this one for at least a month, I haven't seen that many screaming rug rats crammed into a movie theatre spilling soda and pounding their siblings over the head with grungy, sticky fingers since the Lion King... and I hope to never again. For the childless, the scariest thing about Spy Kids is its audience.

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