10 Out Of This World Star Wars Decorations For The Holidays

Mark Hamill, Carrie Fisher and Harrison Ford in 1977's Star Wars: A New Hope
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There’s something about Star Wars that always makes me think of the holidays. Perhaps it’s tied to the number of holidays where I begged for some popular toy or video game tied to the franchise as a gift, or maybe it's the fact that every movie in the Sequel Trilogy, plus Rogue One, released in December. In either case, I am always in search of the best holiday decor to showcase my love for Star Wars, and there are a ton of great options for those looking to do the same. 

Whether you’re looking for something outdoors or inside your home, there’s plenty of decor available to make this a very Star Wars holiday. There’s even some merch to properly observe Life Day from the poorly thought-out Holiday Special made so long ago. Hopefully that’ll get added to my Disney+ subscription this year so I can enjoy it alongside these out-of-this-world decorations. 

Star Wars AT-AT inflatable

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Massive Inflatable Holiday Themed AT-AT

Outdoor inflatables have really skyrocketed in popularity as of late and become an affordable way to liven up your front yard. This eight-and-a-half-foot AT-AT with reindeer antlers and holiday lights will stand out in the neighborhood and leave no doubt that you’re a fan of both the holiday season and Star Wars. Plus, if you have a drone, you can recreate the epic Hoth scene by looping its legs with twine! Not a bad deal for $159.18. 

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Life Day Orb from Disney

(Image credit: Disney Shop)

Glowing Life Day Orb 

It isn’t Life Day until the Wookiees show up with their glowing orbs... or I guess anyone else who decides to pick one up this year from the Disney Shop. These glowing orbs light up and even have “Life Day” written in the Star Wars language Aurubesh on the base. This is a must-have for the Star Wars fan who wants the most lore-accurate holiday item in their house, and the best part is it’s only $19.99. 

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Star Wars train set

(Image credit: Bradford Exchange)

Star Wars-Themed Train Set

For a vast number of people, the holidays are the only time of year they have a functioning electric train set running in their home. For Star Wars fans who don’t, now might be the time to buy one, because this train set dedicated to the franchise from The Bradford Exchange is just incredible. Each issue of this train collection comes with train cars of exclusive glow-in-the-dark Star Wars artwork from artist Steve Anderson. I’ll be candid, it’s a bit pricey if you want the entire set, but The Bradford Exchange does offer payment plan options for anyone dead set on owning it.

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Death Star tree topper

(Image credit: Hallmark)

Death Star Holiday Tree Topper

Have you ever wanted the most deadly weapon in the galaxy sitting on top of your Christmas tree? It’s fine, I can also admit it wouldn’t be something I’d think of, but this product from Hallmark sold me when I heard it lights up, and plays the Star Wars theme when you prompt it to do so. Additionally, this $134.99 topper comes with a little lightsaber remote and will interact with other compatible Star Wars ornaments to really get that tree moving. That’s certainly no moon, but it could be your next tree topper!

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Din and Grogu lights

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Din And Grogu String Lights

Sure the Star Wars movies are popular, but anyone who has checked out decorations lately knows that The Mandalorian has a ton of offerings when it comes to holiday decor. One of my personal favorites I’ve seen are these string lights, which would look great hanging in an entryway or maybe even across a fireplace mantle. That’s up for whoever decides to purchase these lights, which run for $27.99 for a ten-count. 

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Razor Crest ornament

(Image credit: Hallmark)

Razor Crest Musical Ornament

Din Djarin upgraded to a new ship in The Book Of Boba Fett, but that doesn’t mean true Star Wars fans won’t recognize his original Razor Crest on your Christmas tree. If they don’t, there’s a handy button to press on this $34.99 keepsake ornament that plays the theme song for The Mandalorian. What’s cooler than a little music on a Christmas tree?  

Buy This Mandalorian Musical Razor Crest Ornament At Hallmark

Darth Vader ornament

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Darth Vader Ornament

Darth Vader is, without exception, one of the evilest people in Star Wars history. And yet, he’s also one of the most popular, so I can totally understand why someone would want him on their Christmas tree this holiday season. This inexpensive ornament sells for only $9.99, making it the most inexpensive item on the list. That's quite a bargain if you ask me, and certainly worth picking up if you’re just looking to inject a little Star Wars into the holiday. 

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Grogu holiday inflatable

(Image credit: Walmart)

Grogu Christmas Inflatable

Ok, so maybe not everyone is going to purchase a mammoth-sized AT-AT for their front yard. For those looking for something a bit smaller, Walmart is selling a Grogu inflatable that comes in at a modest five feet. That’s much taller than the actual Grogu, and I doubt he has any Santa clothes in his ensemble, but hey, he looks festive as hell and ready to use the Force to eat any blue macaroons laying around. It’s only $66.50, and worth every penny. 

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Obi-Wan ornament

(Image credit: Hallmark)

Obi-Wan Kenobi Ornament

The release of Obi-Wan Kenobi this year could make anyone a little nostalgic for merchandise featuring Ewan McGregor’s Obi-Wan. This ornament is a perfect option, especially because it has that action figure kind of look that will stand out on a Christmas tree. He certainly looks like he’s ready and willing to kick some ass, so he’d pair well with that Vader ornament if you’re willing to spend the $21.99 to own him. 

Buy This Revenge Of The Sith Obi-Wan Ornament At Hallmark 

Stormtrooper snow globe

(Image credit: Amazon)

Musical Stormtrooper Snow Globe

For $33.78, you can own what I think just may be the most hilarious item on this list. This Stormtrooper is just going to work on decorating a tree, and apparently is not at all concerned with their duties for the Empire. This snow globe plays jingle bells and would look awesome on an end table or even an office desk. Get it right now and make your love for Star Wars known. 

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Stream the Star Wars movies in order and other content from a galaxy far, far away with your Disney+ subscription. Also, be on the lookout for more sweet holiday gift guides here at CinemaBlend, as there’s no shortage of cool deals to jump on this holiday season.

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