Cobra Kai Characters: The Status Of 7 Ongoing Feuds After Season 5

Johnny and Daniel fighting each other in Cobra Kai.
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Cobra Kai Season 5 has come to an end. There were so many moments that truly had us on the edge of our seats, our eyes staring in shock, and everything else combined, as fight after fight began. From Chozen becoming a pretty big part to new characters being introduced and so much more, the season had plenty to offer fans of not only the TV series, but the Karate Kid franchise as a whole. 

But, there are so many damn Cobra Kai character feuds that it’s almost hard to keep up with them half the time. From the classic rivalry of Johnny and Daniel to newer ones formed with their children and other enemies, these feuds have been ongoing for several seasons. With Season 5 done, it’s time to take a look back and figure out where these feuds stand. 

Johnny and Daniel in Cobra Kai.

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Daniel Vs. Johnny – Good Terms 

I mean, we have to talk about Daniel and Johnny. They were the blueprint for the whole franchise, and to be honest, these two are basically friends now. 

While they’ve been at each other’s throats several times in the past – namely in Season 4 when they tried to combine their two very different dojos into one and had to fight to determine what style of karate would win – that was really nowhere to be seen in Season 5. 

In a way, a part of me only believes they are on good terms because both Eagle Fang and Miyagi-Do were shut down as part of the competition agreement that they had with the Cobra Kai dojo business. But, at the same time, I also feel that this was monumental for their friendship. I think having their jobs ripped away from them, and their old rivalry, was a great stepping stone to show them that they can work together to battle a common evil – which happened to be Silver. 

For now, these two are on good terms, but who knows what else the story might bring. 

Miguel and Robby fighting in Cobra Kai.

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Miguel Vs. Robby – Good-Ish Terms

Out of everyone on this list, I think I’m the most happy that Miguel and Robby are on good-ish terms. While I do partially think they put aside their differences because Johnny is having a baby with Carmen (Miguel’s mother) and they want to keep the peace, it’s nice to see these two skilled fighters work together. 

Johnny had suggested they fight it out and they did, and in that moment, it seemed like they came to an understanding – which was solidified after Johnny told them about the baby, and both of them looked to be genuinely excited. 

However, I don’t think that it’s going to stay Good-ish forever, just because they’re still in high school and there’s always drama between them. Maybe there will be another love triangle like there was in Season 2 – who knows at this point. 

Tory and Sam in Cobra Kai.

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Sam Vs Tory – Undecided 

These two were probably the hardest to figure out, so I just stuck with "undecided." 

Tory and Sam are two very different individuals. Sam grew up in a house with two loving parents and never really had to worry about anything besides high school drama, while Tory (played by Peyton List) grew up with nothing being handed to her and has worked for every ounce of respect that she’s gotten. And yet, both of them share so many similarities, from their own insecurities about the future to the boys that they like. It’s almost poetic, in a way. 

It’s what made their rivalry so riveting to watch, but in Season 5, we really don’t see much of that. The only interaction we really see between them is that Tory comes clean about Silver bribing the referee at the All-Valley Championship, and while Sam at first is pissed about this, she eventually trusts Tory, and the two did fight together against the Cobra Kai kids in the finale. 

What this means for their rivalry, I’m not sure. But, we’ll see. 

Robby and Kenny in Cobra Kai.

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Kenny Vs. Robby – Undecided

Another undecided. Poor Kenny. I genuinely felt so bad for him and was worried so much during Season 5. Going from the bullied to the bully is a character change I never want to see, and yet, Kenny was one where I could truly understand why he did it. 

However, Robby (who trained Kenny in Cobra Kai Season 4) and the boy had a bit of a falling out during this season, since Robby left and didn’t agree with what Silver was doing. Kenny was understandably upset at that, but let his anger overtake him. At the end, when the Cobra Kai kids and the unofficial Miyagi-Fang fight, Kenny goes after Robby, but when Kenny finds out about Silver’s true nature, he seems to leave all his Cobra Kai stuff behind. 

We're left to wonder what he'll do after this, and where he stands with Robby.

Kenny smiling at Anthony in Cobra Kai.

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Kenny Vs. Anthony – Bad-Ish Terms 

Same issue here. Kenny and Anthony have an understandable feud. Anthony was the kid who bullied Kenny and now, Kenny is getting back at him, but has taken it too far. And, it’s another case of Kenny confronting Anthony at the Cobra Kai dojo, but once Kenny finds out about Silver, he leaves without another word. 

The only reason I say "bad-ish" is because these two were never on good terms to begin with, and I doubt that they're going to let this go easily. But, maybe Kenny being aware of what Silver did will put him back on the right track. 

Kreese, Daniel and Johnny in Cobra Kai.

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Kreese Vs. Daniel And Johnny – Bad-Ish Terms

Argh, one of the hardest. I want to say Kreese is still the main villain of this show, but he’s so not. Season 5 of Cobra Kai really gave us an insight into Kreese’s mind, and while some of his tactics in therapy were indeed manipulation to get him out of prison, those feelings he expressed about Johnny and Cobra Kai were real. 

Which is what makes me say this rivalry is on bad-ish terms. I think when Daniel and Johnny went to visit him in prison to figure out a way to beat Silver, Kreese was genuinely trying to help after what Silver did, but of course the two guys who have been put down by him several times in the past aren’t going to believe him so easily. 

Now that Silver has broken out of prison, I’m not sure where they stand. I doubt it’s going to be all rainbows and sunshine when they see each other again, but maybe not as bad as the past. 

Terry and Daniel fighting in Cobra Kai.

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Silver Vs. Daniel And Johnny – Bad Terms

Do I even need to explain this one? Silver (played by Thomas Ian Griffith) is the villain. It’s funny, because in The Karate Kid III, I personally never really saw him as a menacing villain, but wow, is he something else in this show. 

He’s not afraid to kill to get what he wants. He literally sliced open Chozen’s back for the chance to get back to the dojo. He is just completely terrifying. Obviously, this feud between himself, Daniel and Johnny is not on good terms. It never would be, considering Daniel kicked his face in, and now Silver has been taken away to jail. 

I don’t believe this is the last we’ll see of him. He’s going to show up one way or another. Just wait. I’m calling it right now. 

With so many amazing feuds in Cobra Kai, one can only wonder what's to come for these pairings. Who’s going to go down? Only time will tell. So many questions

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