Cobra Kai Season 5 Ending Explained: Rivaling Dojos Face Off And More

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Big spoilers for Season 5 of Cobra Kai down below!!

Cobra Kai Season 5 has finally dropped on Netflix with ten episodes of nonstop action and drama. Further continuing on the legacy of the Karate Kid series, Cobra Kai Season 5 continued to bring the amazing fights, that classic '80s nostalgia that we all love, and further continuing the story and expanding these characters day in and day out. It’s certainly one of the best shows to watch on Netflix.

But with such an action packed finale filled with the amazing Cobra Kai cast, fans might be wondering exactly what happened with this ending and what it means for the rest of the series going forward. Where are our characters going to end up? And is you-know-who really free and out to cause trouble again? Let’s dive into the Cobra Kai Season 5 ending. 

The ultrasound featured in Cobra Kai Season 5.

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The Power Of Family Saves The Day 

A big plot-point of Season 5 of Cobra Kai is that Johnny and Carmen were gifted with something unexpected: the news that a baby was on the way. This caused Johnny to have a major upgrade in terms of making his life a little more put-together so he could be a proper family man this time around. 

However, as the season is wrapping up, he gets drunk with Chozen and Daniel, he and Chozen decide to run off with Mike Barnes (who had hijacked their limo in the previous episode) to fight against Terry Silver on his own home turf. This turns out to be a huge mistake, as Silver (who basically knows where they are at all times) had all of his senseis there at the same time. 

Two separate fights are happening at the same time: Silver vs. Chozen, and Johnny and Mike vs. the senseis. Silver ends up winning the fight against Chozen, slicing his back open and rendering him too injured to continue, even if Chozen at one point did have the upper hand. 

Silver ends up leaving the house after he told his new partner (and new character) Kim Da-Eun to deal with the break in at the Cobra Kai dojo that he could see on his security cameras. During that, the rest of the senseis attempt to stop Johnny and Mike. At one point, it seems that Mike has been knocked unconscious and Johnny is all on his own. All seems hopeless, but then the ultrasound photo from his doctor’s visit with Carmen falls out of his pocket. 

He sees the picture and it’s like a switch goes off in his head that gives him the strength to take out at least four of the remaining six senseis. When it looks like he might get seriously hurt by the last two, Mike comes in, ready to battle now, and takes the last two out with Johnny’s help. 

Silver getting taken away in Cobra Kai.

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Silver Finally Gets Taken Down 

After two seasons of pure chaos and somehow always knowing where everyone is, Terry Silver, the real-villain all along, has been taken down at Cobra Kai during the Season 5 finale. After that intense fight scene between the students of Cobra Kai and Miyagi-Fang (their unofficial name from Stingray), the kids are successful in releasing the footage of Silver admitting to Tory (played by Peyton List) that he had bribed the officials at the All-Valley championship. 

Once the kids see this, Silver arrives, and he attempts to persuade them that this is just the world they live in and that what he did isn’t different from everything else, but the Cobra Kai students don’t buy it. Then, we see one last fight between Daniel and Silver, where Daniel recalls Terry's own lessons to him all those years ago and uses them against Terry. 

After that, we see that the cops have arrived (called by Daniel’s wife), and that Silver is being taken away. Whether this is the last we see of Silver is unknown, but it’s nice to know that his reign of terror is done, at least for now. In an interview with Gizmodo, Jon Hurwitz teased that Terry might come back if his lawyers are able to pull some strings.

It’s left where his lawyers are going to be caught up with lots of legal trouble so we’ll see. I would say right now he’s a chess piece that’s been taken off the board in the karate wars. And yet, he does have the money for a good attorney. So we’ll see how things unfold in the future.

Kreese breaking free in Cobra Kai.

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Kreese Breaks Free 

The Season 5 finale of Cobra Kai ended with a crazy twist. Kreese, who looked to be fatally wounded after what appeared to be an attack in prison in the beginning of the episode, is revealed to be alive and was indeed faking his own death with Jell-O in order to gain access to the medical facilities.

It’s there that we see Kreese take out the guards, steal the clothing of the doctor, and use the access key he took from his therapist to get out of the building. The last moments of the episode show Kreese leaving the prison, stepping near a cop car.

To be honest, I didn’t think Kreese was dead for a second, but it was so cool to see how everything he’s done thus far, from the mention of Jell-O with his prison-mates to his therapy sessions, was all a plan for his escape. What this means for the future, I’m not sure. Actor Martin Kove, who plays Kreese, spoke with TV Line about his portrayal of the character in this series, and how he can’t wait to see how it all wraps up...

As an actor, it makes me feel very fortunate to be a part of it. I’m dying to see the maturation of it. I’m dying to see how all of this concludes.

Johnny and Daniel in Cobra Kai.

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What's Ahead For Cobra Kai, Eagle-Fang And Miyagi-Do?

The biggest question we all have, I’m sure, after the Season 5 finale of Cobra Kai is what the heck is going to happen to all three dojos? 

Cobra Kai is sort of left behind right now because their master sensei has been arrested for his crimes – and who knows when he’s going to get out? But with his video made live online, I’m not sure if kids are going to be willing to join on to something like that so easily. 

One option that could happen is maybe Kim could take over, but we don’t know yet entirely where she is going to fit into the story going forward.

Eagle-Fang and Miyagi-Do – also known as Miyagi-Fang as mentioned before – could probably start back up again if Silver stays in jail without the threat of people coming after them, and with their spot in the upcoming world championship that was confirmed in Episode 8, it’s hard to believe they’re going to stop karate anytime soon. 

Sam and Miguel seem to have healed their wounds and are back together, as did Tory and Robbie, so the couples are all together. It only makes me wonder what a new school year – and a new competition – might lead to. 

And all of this is under the larger question – how is Kreese going to play into all of this since he has broken out of prison? Truly, the questions are endless. 

While there hasn’t been an official Season 6 confirmed yet for Cobra Kai, with how popular this show is and how much is left unanswered, I can only imagine we won’t be waiting long to hear about the next part of this show. But for now, I’ll just re-watch some of these amazing fights and be in awe for how badass everyone looked during those fights. 

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