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The WWE Is Bringing A Fan-Favorite PPV Event To Its Upcoming Saudi Arabia Show

Kevin Owens on Monday Night Raw
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The WWE is continually building its relationship with Saudi Arabia, with Crown Jewel being the most recent pay-per-view offering to take place exclusively within the country. Now, it appears another pay-per-view marquee event is headed to the country as the wrestling corporation confirmed the Elimination Chamber is going to take place in one of the country’s newest stadiums. 

In an official statement, the WWE announced the “Elimination Chamber Premium Live Event” will take place in the world’s largest pillarless superdome in Jeddah on Saturday, February 19th, 2022. The company further confirmed that more details are on the way, presumably the entrants involved and the stakes for the winner. 

The announcement comes as a mild shock, considering the company has historically saved the Elimination Chamber match for its own annual pay-per-view event in the United States. Previous rumors alluded to plans for the Elimination Chamber match, though they also added that the match would be renamed to “WrestleMania Chamber” to distinguish it from past matches. The latest from Vince McMahon's entertainment hub seemingly dismissed this rumor, though perhaps the coming weeks will see the event renamed to something else.

The announcement sounds like a huge win for Saudi Arabia, which is quickly getting bigger matches on its own soil through its partnership with the WWE. The Elimination Chamber isn’t one of the big four pay-per-views, but it is a long-standing event that’s loved by fans. The fact the WWE didn’t create a new type of match for the event may be an indicator that it’s considering hosting even more major events in the country moving forward, which American fans may have mixed feelings about.

For American fans, the timing of a pay-per-view in Saudi Arabia isn’t the greatest. Due to timezone differences, the event usually airs around noon in the U.S., rather than the usual primetime slot audiences are used to. Viewers can always watch a taped or re-broadcast version of the event at a later time, though spoilers for the matches are hard to avoid on the web. 

One detail worth knowing is whether the Saudi Arabia Elimination Chamber will feature both a men’s and women’s match or just the former. The WWE broke ground in past years with women pro wrestling matches, though with special requirements that fell in line with the country’s conservative policies, such as having the women wear modest clothing. The Chamber certainly represents another opportunity for the organization to make history though, with the rough and physical nature of the match, it’s possible the risk might be deemed too high to make it happen. We can only wait and see and wonder what unique twists come in the following weeks. 

Monday Night Raw airs over at USA on Mondays at 8:00 p.m. ET. The episode, as well as the upcoming Elimination Chamber match, will likely introduce stakes and new storylines for wrestlers ahead of WrestleMania, which isn’t that far off (and may or may not include John Cena).

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