Where To Watch The Modern Doctor Who Seasons Streaming

David Tennant as The Fourteenth Doctor in Doctor Who's 60th anniversary
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Doctor Who is on a brief hiatus ahead of its 60th anniversary, which makes it the perfect time for those who may be behind on episodes. Some may want to catch up so they can see David Tennant reprise his role in the upcoming anniversary celebration, or they’re excited about the incoming Doctor actor, Ncuti Gatwa taking over after that. Whatever the case, fans want to know what platforms have Doctor Who streaming, and where to binge the episodes. 

For anyone looking for the answers on where to stream Doctor Who in the United States, look no further. Below is the current status of where the series can be found, and where the franchise plans to head in the future. 

David Tennant as The Doctor in Doctor Who

(Image credit: The BBC)

Where Is Doctor Who Available On Streaming? 

Anyone looking for the largest library of modern Doctor Who episodes is going to need an HBO Max subscription. As of 2022, it’s the home of literally every modern Doctor Who episode but one. So, for anyone who wants to see Christopher Eccleston’s Doctor take on the Daleks, or for Matt Smith’s epic battle with the Silence, or any of the other greatest episodes this is the best bet. As of writing this collection contains from Season 1 all the way up until the second special of Jodie Whittaker’s final episodes, which means anyone new to the franchise will have quite a bit to get through. 

Watch Doctor Who on HBO Max.

Jodie Whittaker as The Doctor in Doctor Who

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Jodie Whittaker’s Final Episode Is On AMC+

While HBO Max does sound like the definitive home for Doctor Who on streaming, AMC+ is in possession of one Doctor Who episode that will be on a lot of fans’ minds until the new episodes arrive. “The Power Of The Doctor” is Jodie Whittaker’s final episode as the character and sets the stage for the events that kick off the 60th-anniversary celebration. As of now, this is the only platform to watch it on, but it’s unclear if or when that will change. 

It is worth noting that AMC+ once had Season 13 as well as the previous two specials on its platform, but those have since moved to HBO Max. I think it’s fair to speculate that “The Power Of The Doctor” might eventually migrate over to HBO Max as well at a later date, though thanks to a recently announced deal with the franchise and another streamer, it’s possible that doesn’t happen.

Ncuti Gatwa as the Doctor in Doctor Who

(Image credit: The BBC)

Future Doctor Who Episodes Will Air On Disney+

The BBC recently renegotiated a deal for Doctor Who in the United States, and Disney+ will become a new home for the franchise in 2023. The announcement stated that the streamer will be the home for future seasons of Doctor Who, which certainly means everything from Ncuti Gatwa’s Doctor and beyond. There’s also an assumption this will include the 60th anniversary specials, but considering that those specials with an all-star cast aren’t technically seasons, that’s still yet to be confirmed. 

Another thing we’re still waiting to find out is what will become of the Doctor Who back catalog. The Disney+ deal only mentioned airing the new episodes, but not that it negotiated a deal for the entire library. It’s possible the previously mentioned episodes may remain on their aforementioned platforms unless Disney+ brokered a deal to obtain that as well. For now, we’ll just have to wait and see what the future holds for the back catalog.

As mentioned, anyone looking to watch Doctor Who in 2022 will need to head over to HBO Max. There’s plenty to watch ahead of the 60th anniversary, though fans might be best served to revisit some of Donna Noble’s greatest adventures.

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