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A Superman Movie Villain Is Finally Being Introduced To The Comics

After several decades, a villain who gave Superman trouble on the big screen is finally making his comic book debut.

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Zack Snyder Shares An Early Photo Of Batman, Superman And Wonder Woman In Costume Together

Zack Snyder has shared a photo from the DC Trinity's first costume test, and it's pure unadulterated DC goodness.

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How Henry Cavill Feels About His Mission: Impossible Mustache Affecting Justice League

Henry Cavill's mustache cased a big problem for the Justice League reshoots, and the actor talked about how he feels about this bizarre development.

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DC's Gotham-esque Superman Prequel Metropolis Is Apparently Getting Retooled

The Superman prequel series Metropolis is making some major changes.

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Zack Snyder Put Henry Cavill In The Christopher Reeve Superman Suit, And It’s Awesome

Zack Snyder shared a photo of Henry Cavill wearing the classic Christopher Reeve Superman suit, and it's an image full of hope.

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Will Superman And Black Adam Fight In The DCEU? Here's What Henry Cavill Says

Superman and Black Adam have fought several times in the comics, and Henry Cavill has an update on whether or not this might happen in the DCEU.

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How Henry Cavill Honored 80 Years Of Superman

It's Superman's 80th birthday, and Henry Cavill, the man currently playing the Man of Steel, made sure to honor the character.

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Why Justice League Scrapped Superman's Black Suit

Wondering why Justice League didn't include Superman's iconic black suit? We have some answers.

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Why Zack Snyder’s Version Of Superman Works So Well, According To Smallville Producer

Zack Snyder's version of Superman hasn't been universally popular, but at least one person with some knowledge of bringing superpowered characters to the screen thinks Snyder has done a good job.

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Nic Cage Will Finally Get To Play Superman In A DC Movie

The Oscar-winning actor and huge comic book fan is now the once and future Superman.

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Check Out Superman’s Black Suit In Deleted Justice League Scene

You can finally see what Justice League's version of the black Superman suit looks like thanks to a deleted scene.

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8 Crazy DC Theories We Hope Are Explored In Future Films

The DCEU has spurred countless fan theories over the years, but these are the ones that we genuinely want future films to explore and expand upon.

A Completely Different Superman Prequel Series Is Heading To TV, And It Sounds Wild

Another Superman TV prequel? We're down, especially with a description like this.

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Ranking Every DC Animated Movie From The Past 10 Years

DC recently released all of its animated movies from the last ten years, and we here at CinemaBlend have ranked them all from worst to best.

Some Justice League Fans Really Want To See Superman In The Black Suit

A black colored version of Superman's costume was made for Justice League but it ultimately never made it into the finished film. That's proving not quite good enough for some fans.

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The Dude Who Played Darth Vader Helped Christopher Reeve Bulk Up For Superman

In order to get Christopher Reeve into proper Superman shape, director Richard Donner turned to David Prowse, the man inside the Darth Vader suit during the original Star Wars movies.

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Apparently Superman's Black Suit Was A Real Thing

It turns out the rumors and reports about Superman wearing a black suit in Justice League were indeed true at one point.

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Apparently, Warner Bros. Offered To Do The Effects For MI-6 If Henry Cavill Shaved His Mustache

Henry Cavill's mustache (or lack of one) in Justice League has been a hot topic of conversation, but a VFX artist familiar with the film reveals some interesting behind-the-scenes drama.

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Justice League: Where Each Of The Main Heroes Leaves Off

With the Justice League having defeated Steppenwolf, the heroes have gone their separate ways. Here's where each of them left off by the movie's conclusion. SPOILERS ahead!

Justice League Finally Admits That Superman Is Actually In The Movie With Official Group Shot

DC has finally released a Justice League poster that actually features the Man of Steel standing alongside the rest of the League, and it's pretty badass. Check it out!

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