Good news, everyone! No, it’s actually good news, everyone! The Simpsons universe finally got to share company with that of the Futurama universe for tonight’s rollicking crossover episode ”Simpsorama”. All in all, it wasn’t nearly as long and involved as the Family Guy/Simpsons mashup from September, but it also felt a lot more natural, perhaps because both of these franchises were created by Matt Groening.

To be expected for an episode with characters from two different millennia, the “Simpsorama” plot was delightfully convoluted and extremely free with its logic. In that sense, it felt closer to a “Treehouse of Horror” special than a standard episode. (Plus, a couple of familiar aliens appeared, as you’ll read about later.) So while it wasn’t exactly a pitch perfect crossover, there was more than enough humor to go around, and here are the ten best moments from the episode, in sequential order.

The Couch Gag
We’ve already discussed this luxuriously crafted couch gag here, but that doesn’t make it any less awesome the second time around. The Futurama opening is teased, but instead of heading into the world of New New York, we get to watch Hedonismbot give Homer a vibrating massage, complete with grapes and excessive pleasurable moaning. “Hey, a couch is a couch.”

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