The Simpsons And Futurama's Crossover Couch Gag Is Here, And It's Excellent

Earlier today, we got to see a few sneak peeks at what Fox’s upcoming Simpsons/Futurama crossover will look like, and now Fox has released the “Simpsorama” couch gag, and it is hedonistically glorious! Check it out below.

While I of course love Fry, Leela, Bender and all the rest of Futurama’s central squad, my favorite character in the series is Hedonismbot, voiced by Maurice LaMarche. As you can imagine, I absolutely adored this couch gag because of that. I don’t actually think I’d ever put Homer and Hedonismbot together in my brain, but looking at them like this, it’s impossible not to see the similarities. Both have oval heads with something on the sides and on top, and both have an insatiable appetite for food and booze, though Homer’s sexual hunger is wishy-washy. (He’s probably in the mood right now, though. Snap!) Plus, Homer’s perma-stubble is almost in the same shape as Hedonismbot’s mouth speaker. If only Homer had four arms, four legs and vibrated on self-command.

Since the gag starts off with the Planet Express ship opening from Futurama, I wonder if there’s an actual opening or if this is it. I’m perfectly fine without anything longer, since it allows for more time in the episode for Matt Groening’s two worlds to collide. It kind of bothers me when The Simpsons employs long, drawn-out openings, although quite a few of them end up being better than the actual episodes. Still, when it’s a special episode like this, brevity is king.

Here’s another still from the episode that we didn’t share earlier, featuring Homer palling around with people that probably want nothing to do with him once he starts talking. Except maybe Bender.


And just because I brought up long couch gags, here’s the greatest one in series history, as animated by the legendary Don Hertzfeldt. Don’t blame me for any nightmares it causes.

Something tells me this crossover episode won’t contain anything nearly as weird as that, but find out for yourself when The Simpsons debuts “Simpsorama” this Sunday night, November 9, at 8 p.m. ET.


Make sure to settle yourself back in a couch that gives sweet ass massages. That’s the only way to watch.

Nick Venable
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