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The Simpsons And Futurama Crossover Gets Some Awesome New Images


This weekend, two of the greatest TV shows in existence will meet up episodically for the first time, as Futurama’s Planet Express crew heads to The Simpsons for a partially out of this world crossover episode called “Simpsoroma.” It’s a dream come true for fans like myself, and Fox has released a few stills from the episode to embiggen fans’ excitement.

The one above is such a great combination of worlds, as Bart is bummed out while Lisa and part of the Futurama squad cheer, and everyone is looking at him. Bart and Zoidberg together sounds better than peanut butter and bacon. But what the hell is Lisa wearing? Is she sort of like a robot, with a little metal cup and everything?

Now check out this next one, which is similar to the first image that was released, which also featured Bender threatening Homer with a bevy of dangerous weapons. But here we see even more violence-inducing items popping out of Bender’s torso, such as a toy ray gun, an ax, and more saws and real guns. There’s even a mace sticking out where his robot dong would be. Completely coincidental, I’m sure.


And then there’s this one, which rings about as true to the sense of humor of these series as anything else: Fry as a holographic image being projected out of Bender’s shiny multi-purpose metal ass.


The plot is a tad convoluted, but that’s how we like it. Some Springfield citizens are putting a time capsule into the ground, which has something to do with Bart blowing his nose into a sandwich, leading to a massive life-changing catastrophe. Bender goes back in time to kill Bart, but he’ll presumably have a hard time actually getting it done. The easiest way to do it? GIVE HIM THE CLAMPS!

You might recall this isn’t the first time this year that the Simpson family has crossed paths with their Fox animation brethren. The Family Guy season premiere was an hour-long crossover episode that totally polarized audiences. (I liked it.) Given how many of Futurama’s fans have stayed with the series without too much shit-talking, I’d like to think that “Simpsorama” will be “Good news, everyone!”

The Simpsons will air “Simpsorama” on Fox this Sunday, November 9, at 8 p.m. ET.

Nick Venable

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