Television, like most things, is a cross between an unchanging foundation and a neverending cycle of trends, and the medium is currently wearing its Remake Slap Bracelet proudly. While some of the recent movie-to-TV announcements will certainly wither into unaired nothingness, HBO recently announced they’re pushing forward with their stocked-cast Westworld reboot, adding to a growing list. And you know more will be announced in the coming months.

If you’re like me, you’re thinking science fiction movies are the most fertile lands for remakes, because they tend to offer the most story depth and room for derivation, and they’re usually based on expansive literary works. (Is it cheating if it’s based on a book? Then I cheated.) Plus, TV is also in the infancy of the Limited Series Era, so these stories could easily fit into 10 episodes or less, whereas the 22+ episode seasons of yore would have stretched them too thin. Here are ten classic sci-fi flicks that I would be totally down with seeing get transformed for the small screen, assuming everything about them would be made perfectly. Gotta stay positive. Now let’s kick it off with a little bit of blasphemy.

Escape from New York
Directed by: John Carpenter (1981)

Yeah, I’m not that excited about the Escape from New York remake that’s currently in slow-development. But if you tell me that I’ll get to see Snake Plissken cracking wise and blowing shit up on a weekly basis (on, say, FX), then I start to get a little more excited about it. Instead of dropping three movies (or whatever it’ll be) onto audiences years apart, give us one really fantastic rescue-filled story of futuristic badassery told in eight episodes. This pretty much eliminates the need to find a new person to deal with in the lead role and gives Kurt Russell a chance to return to TV in his most iconic role. Snake Plissken would still be ruthlessly hardcore in his sixties.

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