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There’s an minor but possibly significant update on the Simpsons situation. For those of you who are waiting for news that the long-running animated comedy series will continue to produce new episodes, while there’s no word on whether or not the cast members have come to an agreement on their salaries, from the sound of it, some of the producers are on board to accept less money for their services, if it means keeping the show on the air.

Following word that The Simpsons may be worth more cancelled than it is if it remains on the air, and the previously posted news that the cast has been asked to accept 45% pay-cuts, comes the news that the producers are willing to accept lower salaries.

?Entertainment Weekly reports that their sources say most (not all) of the producers of The Simpsons said they’d be willing to have their pay reduced if it means taking The Simpsons beyond the twenty-third season. The actors have not agreed to terms as of yet, but as EW indicates, it sounds like a deal will eventually be made and the show will go on.

While this is likely to be good news to those out there who still love the show, other fans have fallen away from it over the years. Where do you stand?

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