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Long before Marco Polo was a game played in a swimming pool, he was an Italian traveler back in the 13th century. We may know more about him (or a dramatically told story of the man, anyway) soon enough through a scripted TV series on premium cable. Starz, the network that airs the historical-based drama Spartacus, is moving forward with a Marco Polo centered series by Weinstein Co. and Electus.

Deadline posted the news, stating that Starz has given the green light for ten episodes of an original scripted series titled Marco Polo. According to Starz' announcement, the series is described as:
"Marco Polo" is Fusco's fantastical martial arts epic, chronicling the famous adventurer's early years in the court of Kublai Khan. Acting as the ruler's spy, ambassador and explorer, Marco treks across the Far East and returns with tales of his journeys. In a court filled with political betrayal and forbidden relationships, Marco must use his martial arts training to survive, but it is his ability to enchant Khan with imaginative tales of his kingdom that is often his best tool to stay alive.

The series is created by John Fusco, who will be joined by Harvey and Bob Weinstein and Ben Silverman as executive producers. The project joins Boss and the upcoming drama Magic City among Starz’ more recent original series. The network is also known for Spartacus, a dramatic telling (and colorful adaptation) of the life of the legendary gladiator and military leader and the people he fought beside. Spartacus: Vengeance is set to premiere on Starz later this month.

It’ll be interesting to hear more news about Marco Polo, including who will play the title role.

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