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He’s back, and so quickly it’s like he was never gone. Duane “Dog” Chapman seems to have recovered pretty quickly from the cancellation of his A&E series, Dog the Bounty Hunter after eight seasons on the air. Without missing a beat he’s jumped right on over to CMT where a new series is headed into production for a fall of 2013 launch.

With Dog the Bounty Hunter having just wrapped in June, which means fans will have gone more than a year without seeing a new episode in the life of the world’s best-known mullet by the time the new series airs. CMT has ordered 10 episodes of the simply titled reality series Dog, according to Deadline. It will feature Duane and his wife Beth doing what they do best, which his mainly to hunt down fugitives while rocking some of the worst hair in television history. They’re also moving on to a new chapter in their lives. As they move across the country they’ll be hunting down even more dangerous bad guys while spending their days helping other bounty hunters improve their operations. Dog and Beth will be handing down bounty hunter wisdom, hopefully not fashion advice.

CMT’s EVP of Development and Programming, Jayson Dinsmore, called the new series a “game changer” for the network, although it’s difficult to say how much more impact the duo can really have. Their original series did put A&E on the reality map, but I have to question how much interest they hold for audiences at this point. There’s a reason A&E dropped the show, but CMT apparently thinks they can dig a little more gold out of that mine.