Dog The Bounty Hunter's Daughter Has Announced That She's Joined OnlyFans With A Peachy Photo

For many years, fans watched Dog the Bounty Hunter's youngest kids grow up on his flagship A&E television show. His stepdaughter Cecily Chapman – the late Beth Chapman's eldest daughter that Dog adopted – first started out on TV at age 11. Viewers would eventually see her Sweet 16, her high school graduation, and later her bounty hunter training under her famous parents. In the latest update on her life path, though, the now 28-year-old announced that she's joined OnlyFans with a rather peachy photo…

And by peachy, yes, we mean those peaches. OnlyFans (made famous by the likes of Beyoncé lyrics and actress Bella Thorne) is used by consenting adults to buy and sell content, usually the risqué visual variety. Dog the Bounty Hunter’s estranged daughter, Cecily, seems to be eager to add her name to the list of the company’s content creators. She showcased a teaser of her own account recently on her Instagram stories, and shout out to the emoji for helping keep it within community guidelines:


(Image credit: Cecily Chapman Instagram)

It seems a lot of reality stars and social media influencers are signing up as content creators for the subscription service platform of late. Bhad Bhabie, the viral “catch me outside” subject, broke records with her OnlyFans. A certain UFC champion has paid off her own debt by selling nudes. But it’s evolved somewhat into 90 Day Fiancé fart jars for profit and Teen Mom stars selling their poop, of all things. Thankfully, Cecily Chapman appears to be going the more “traditional” route in that regard.

But the semi-nude OnlyFans pic isn't the only eyebrow-raising change in Cecily Chapman's life. Last year, she called things off with her fiancé, who she dated for several years. Apparently, it was a tumultuous relationship. Dog the Bounty Hunter's daughter by marriage alleged that her arrest for domestic abuse against her former partner started over him insulting the memory of her mom, Beth Chapman, who passed away from lung cancer in 2019.

The memory of Beth Chapman is evidently part of the crux behind Cecily and Dog the Bounty Hunter’s estrangement, as well. Dog’s wedding to Francie Frane was right around the corner when the younger Chapman was announcing the end of her own engagement. At the time, she revealed that she and Dog had only seen each other twice since her mother's passing but that she would have gone to his new nuptials because she still considered him as a father.

However, Dog the Bounty Hunter's other, daughter Bonnie Chapman, shared deeper insight into the family drama. She claimed the cancellation of what was supposed to be her father's next television stint for Unleashed Entertainment was due to racist and homophobic slurs made by him. Bonnie continued that the situation prompted Dog to not invite his daughters – both of whom still work for Unleashed – to his wedding with Francie Frane.

Obviously, Dog the Bounty Hunter’s family are used to being in the media spotlight. It comes with its own juggling act, as the line between the personal and the public gets blurry. But now, Cecily Chapman is apparently hoping to forge new ground entirely with her OnlyFans account, an altogether different personal/public divide that more than likely won't be too blurry.

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