How Dog The Bounty Hunter Has Been Paying Tribute To Longtime Friend David Robinson Following His Death

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Death can always be hard to deal with, especially when you've lost someone that you were incredibly close with. Duane Chapman, known more commonly as Dog the Bounty Hunter, said that he was "shocked and saddened" when he learned of the death of his co-star and "right-hand man" David Robinson. Through the grief though, the reality star is making a point to honor his pal and is doing so by sharing photos with his fans via social media. 

Dog the Bounty Hunter hopped on Instagram in the days following David Robinson's death and paid tribute to him by sharing some memories of his friend. Dog didn't immediately opt to share a photo from Dog's Most Wanted or one showing the two of them on the job. Instead, he went for something a little more casual. Take a look:

The 69-year-old star didn't add a caption or context to the photo, so it's hard to get any read on what's happening in this picture or fully grasp its significance to the reality television star. The next photo Dog shared is a little easier to understand, though, as it's a picture of David Robinson holding a cake amid what appears to be a birthday celebration: 

David Robinson's exact cause of death has not been released to the public, though TMZ reported that the former Dog's Most Wanted star had a medical emergency during a Zoom call for work. His wife, Brooke Robinson, told the outlet that Robinson was "very healthy" but was unable to be saved by paramedics who performed life-saving maneuvers on him when they arrived.  

Dog the Bounty Hunter shared more on social media as well. Another photo showed his later partner in some garb that's a bit more familiar. Check out the photo below, which was possibly taken when the two stars were working together on their reality TV show:

David Robinson was featured on Dog's Most Wanted during what one would imagine was a rough time in Duane Chapman's life. The series was filmed right around the time that his late wife, Beth Chapman, was battling throat cancer.  Beth ultimately passed from the illness in 2019 and ahead of her passing, made sure that the series documented her experience

With that in mind, it's sad that just a few short years later, Dog the Bounty Hunter is mourning the loss of a good friend. Fortunately, he has a lot of good memories to hold onto, such as the one reflected in the post below: 

Dog the Bounty Hunter considered David Robinson his right-hand man, and that seemed more than evident based on the moments they shared. They had plenty of memorable exploits, and both even had a chance to meet Dr. Oz, likely during one of Dog's appearances on the TV personality's medical talk show:

It's clear that Dog the Bounty Hunter had a great relationship with David Robinson and is still reeling from his untimely passing. His thoughtful pictures will surely be appreciated by his family and loved ones as well as fans who enjoyed watching him and Robinson on the small screen. 

Dog the Bounty Hunter doesn't have a show coming up on the 2023 TV schedule just yet but, given his ability to surface on shows like The Masked Singer, one never knows where and when he might pop up.

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