Dog The Bounty Hunter Reacts After Co-Star And 'Right-Hand Man' David Robinson Dies At 50

2022 has outwardly been something of a relatively calm and quiet year for Dog the Bounty Hunter, even despite being roped into double-murder cases and disappearances. He got to show off his vocal skills as a contestant on The Masked Singer, but has otherwise largely been missing from the small screen since the short-lived 2019 unscripted series Dog’s Most Wanted. Unfortunately, one of his friends and co-stars from that show, David Robinson, has reportedly died at the age of 50. 

David Robinson, who teamed up with the bounty hunter (whose real name is Duane Chapman) on both the WGN America original Dog’s Most Wanted, where he aided the central couple in tracking down fugitives, and also CMT’s Dog and Beth: On the Hunt from a few years prior. And understandably, Dog was taken aback by the news of Robinson’s death, telling this to TMZ:

I'm shocked and saddened by the sudden loss of David Robinson, my right-hand man of many years. Until we meet again, brother.

The news of David Robinson’s death was shared by his ex-wife and fellow Dog’s Most Wanted star Rainy Robinson, who took to Instagram with a brief tribute and pic, as seen below. 

The ex shared with TMZ that David Robinson was in the midst of a Zoom call on Wednesday, November 30, when he reportedly suffered an undisclosed form of medical emergency. The police and paramedics were called to the scene, with CPR performed on the reality star, but such attempts were not successful. 

The official cause of death hasn’t yet been made public, but sources close to the situation alleged that he may have suffered a heart attack or stroke. It’s unclear if he had any prior health issues. 

As fans of Dog the Bounty Hunter are well aware, Dog’s Most Wanted was particularly noteworthy for being the final series co-starring the bounty hunter and his late wife Beth Chapman, who passed away in June 2019. After going back and watching the episodes himself, Dog spoke highly of his wife’s strength and determination to continue filming during her renewed cancer battle, with the series’ finale showcasing and celebrating Beth Chapman, while also depicting the immediate emotional aftermath following her death. 

It’s unclear if David Robinson was involved with Dog’s latest TV attempt, the unscripted project Dog Unleashed, which was ultimately cancelled by the production company Unleashed Entertainment due to complaints that indicated the bounty hunter breached contract agreements. 

At this time, given WGN America being rebranded as NewsNation, episodes of Dog’s Most Wanted aren’t available to stream freely, though fans can rewatch the original Dog the Bounty Hunter series on The Roku Channel.

We at CinemaBlend send our thoughts and condolences to the family and friends of David Robinson during this time of mourning. 

Nick Venable
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