It’s tough to believe that Boardwalk Empire is set to end its run this Sunday. For five seasons, HBO’s hit drama deeply connected its viewers to the gangsters and thugs who helped to shape America during the Prohibition Era. Many of the show’s characters will be missed. Hell, many of them have been missed for a long time, now.

Most gangsters don’t climb to the top without killing a man or five, and Boardwalk Empire capably presented a slew of different personalities related to those kills. There are the cold machines, capable of seeing humans only as targets. Then, there are those who relish in the killing, those who disdain the killing and those who are capable of bringing out a brute force from within themselves when needed. Boardwalk Empire wouldn’t be the same show without constant death and destruction, as old empires crumble and new ones are reformed from the entrails.

As a nod to the end of a great series, we’ve put together a list of the 10 most vicious killers the writers ever had the courage to muster, as well as the scenes that will forever commit their wrongdoings to our memories. These characters definitely won’t be forgotten anytime soon.

Eli Thompson
#10) Eli Thompson
Eli has changed a lot over the years, going from the Sheriff of Atlantic City to Nucky’s righthand man and finally a two-bit crook in Chicago. However, within each of those roles, he’s gotten up to a sneaky amount of killing, including the murder of Margaret Thompson’s husband in the pilot and his more recent dealings with Maranzano. He would describe himself as a family man, first, but he’s gotten his hands dirty enough times to land himself on this list.

Most Memorable Kill: During the Season 4 finale, Eli has been blackmailed by Agent Knox for quite a while. Nucky’s already been a bit suspicious of Eli’s motivations, and when Knox shows up at Eli’s home, he’s had enough. As Knox threatens him, Eli pulls out a sucker punch and proceeds to beat the federal agent to death. It isn’t pretty, but it is efficient and it sets up for the events in Season 5.

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