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Jane the Virgin is currently airing its second season on the CW, and while Jane is finally figuring out life post-baby and what she wants to do about her love life, there’s one very real plot point that hasn’t been resolved. That plot point revolves around Jane Villanueva’s virginity, which is still very much intact despite the fact she’s had a baby. (If you aren’t up on this show, she was artificially inseminated.) Now showrunner Jennie Snyder Urman has explained exactly what is going to happen on Jane The Virgin after Jane has sex for the first time. 
As soon as she has sex—which is imminent but I’m not going to say when—it will say “Jane the Virgin” and we’ll just put a line through the virgin and we’ll carry on. The show’s never been about Jane’s virginity. It’s been about Jane.

If you know anything about Jane the Virgin, you should know that this show is cheeky. The CW dramedy features a narrator who makes side comments about the personalities and lives of the main characters on the show. And while the storyline is generally heartfelt, there’s also a lot of over-the-top stuff that happens, so it wouldn’t be totally out of character for the show’s title card to say Jane the Virgin in a cheeky manner, as well. 

What is also intriguing about Jennie Snyder Urman’s comments during the recent panel with Deadline is that Jane will probably ditch the “virgin” persona soon. Her status has made for some amusing moments—especially when she was teaching at the school and some of the parents thought she was a miracle woman who could bestow babies on the un-pregnant. However, after two seasons of seeing Jane flit between Michael and Rafael, it would be nice to see her finally settle down with fiancé Michael—maybe—and finally ditch the moniker. 

The good news? The CW has already signed on for a third season of Jane the Virgin. Thus, although there are only a couple of episodes left to air during Season 2 in May, there is definitely more of the Jane the Virgin story to tell. 

The CW has become a more prominent player in the world of network TV, thanks to ratings hits like DC’s Arrow and The Flash and critically acclaimed dramas like Jane the Virgin and Crazy Ex Girlfriend. The network knows it has a good thing going and actually renewed 11 of its originals earlier this year. Thus, if you are watching a CW show that’s not newcomer Containment, your program is likely to be back next year. You can check out all of the renewals, here

New episodes of Jane the Virgin air on Monday nights at 8 p.m. ET, only on the CW.

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