It's been a little over two months since The Walking Dead brought Season 6 to a blood-covered close, and any mention of the show will still immediately galvanize many fans to make impassioned rants about how the cliffhanger completely ruined the show and is absolutely the last straw and yadda yadda yadda. This was only the latest in a line of fan-vexing moments from The Walking Dead's six seasons, and while I'll freely admit I hadn't wanted it to happen in the first place, and I definitely griped when it happened, it's high time the backlash fades back into complacency.

Here are 5 reasons why Walking Dead fans - or merely "viewers" or even "ex-viewers" -should pack up the complaints and wipe the slate mostly clean again before Season 7 arrives in a few months. It's already going to be a long and hot summer without constant blind rage creeping up into it. Season 6 spoilers are coming, guys.

It Was Hardly The Worst Ending Ever

The Walking Dead is known for finales that dish out major events and tragedies, and Season 6's capper had the added attraction of introducing Jeffrey Dean Morgan's Negan, who inspires a ton of darkly hilarious antagonism in the comics. Anticipation was through the roof, which already lessened the episode's chances of widespread championing, and people reacted as if everything before the hokey and echo-filled fade to black didn't exist.

Hate the ending or not, "Last Day on Earth" was a thematic success, in that it was spent fully hammering the truth into Rick's brain that he is not the Alpha leader anymore, and it was done in a way that didn't just lead them to the slaughter as per usual, but redemonstrated that the slaughter will find them anywhere they go. It closed the latest chapter on Rick's mental state, and Season 7 will likely open up a chapter where he's nearly as helpless as he was when he woke up from his coma. No matter who died, it wouldn't change the fact that Rick's defeat is what's at the narrative heart of Negan's scene and speech.

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