The Historical Figure Who Is Joining Legends Of Tomorrow Season 2

Firestorm, Ray Palmer, and Rip Hunter in Legends of Tomorrow

Legends of Tomorrow changed the rules for the entire DC universe on The CW when it introduced time travel as a concept with few limits beyond the imaginations of Rip Hunter and Co. Members of the crew have visited their past selves, met future ancestors, and run into young versions of future greats, and Season 2 is set to introduce perhaps its biggest slice of history yet, and he just so happens to be drawn from real life: Albert Einstein.

Rip Hunter his Waverider crew will encounter Einstein during a trip to 1942, according to TVLine. Given that science enthusiasts Ray Palmer and Martin Stein will both be back for Season 2, it's safe to say that at least some of the team will be excited to meet Einstein. Unfortunately for those legends who might have had lofty expectations of the scientist, Einstein turns out to be a lover of the ladies who is more likely to spit some snarky quips than talk science with the visitors. They'll see an unexpected side of him when they try to save his life, and they won't be too happy about what was evidently left out of the history books.

History buffs will know that the real Albert Einstein spent the early 1940s working on the Manhattan Project that would produce the atomic bomb for the United States in World War II. The US ultimately dropped two bombs on Japan before the end of the war, and the world as anybody knew it was changed forever. Einstein ultimately came to regret his encouragement for building the weapon. (It's assumed that would have a lot to do with Damien Darhk's big plan in Arrow had Einstein known about it.) Basically, the real Albert Einstein of the early 1940s wasn't exactly a barrel of laughs who was quipping and flirting his way through life, so it'll be understandable if the scientists of Legends are taken aback and disappointed at a skirt-chasin' Einstein.

We should probably expect that Sara will get some serious attention from an amorous Einstein. She's fabulously flirted her way through certain eras of history so far, and Einstein could be the next person to fall for her charms. Now that Kendra quit the team to form a life with Carter, Sara is the only woman currently on the team who could be ogled by the genius. We do know that Rip Hunter will be picking up a woman from the 1940s to join in the time travel shenanigans, so the next female member of the crew may well be an object of Einstein's 1942 affections. She may also be the Legends of Tomorrow version of Vixen, if the timing is right. It would be nice to get another woman on board the Waverider as soon as possible, so hopefully the upcoming visit happens early in Season 2.

Unfortunately, Season 2 will not premiere until Thursday, October 13, but check out our summer TV premiere schedule to see what you can watch on the small screen in the meantime, and be sure to take a look at what we know so far about Legends of Tomorrow Season 2.

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