The CW’s Legends of Tomorrow is trying something that is rarely done in our current climate of superhero TV shows: focusing on a group of adventurers instead of a single heroic lead. The show combines heroes and a couple of bad guys from the Flarrowverse (that’s The Flash and Arrow combined) to make up a team trying to take down immortal baddie Vandal Savage by traveling through time. That team is comprised eight people: Rip Hunter (a former Time Master who basically serves at leader), Sara Lance (White Canary), Ray Palmer (Atom), Professor Martin Stein and Jefferson Jackson who, as a duo, make up Firestorm, Kendra Saunders (Hawkgirl and the ancient priestess Chay-Ara) and the bad guy team of Leonart Snart (Captain Cold) and Mick Rory (Heat Wave).

I know what you’re thinking, Man, when you lay it all out like that, that’s a lot of people. It sure is. And the show frequently does a less than great job of handling it all. So, lets take a look at why Legends of Tomorrow is way worse than the shows that birthed it.

We know you’re traveling through time, stop telling us
The Legends of Tomorrow team is, in case you weren’t aware, traversing time on their adventures to stop an ancient evil-doer from taking over the earth and destroying man kind. In general, there’s no problem with this. Characters on The Flash have realized that Barry can run so fast that he can time travel, and Arrow has engaged in a sort of time travel via Oliver’s flashbacks to the time before he came back to Star City. The big difference with Legends is that the team’s primary duty is to travel in time, and they never let us forget it (as if we could). Rip Hunter and his motley crew are pursued by a Time Bounty Hunter (Chronos, seen in the photo above) who works for Hunter’s former bosses, the Time Masters. Those guys really want their Time Ship back, and that would have been even more difficult if the Time Pirates had gotten away with it when they tried to take over the ship. Have you gotten the point yet? These guys travel through time.

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