The CW has easily staked its claim as one of the definitive networks for superhero television with The Flash and Arrow. Those two shows combined have provided audiences with some of the most faithfully adapted live-action DC storylines ever adapted to the screen -- silver or small. However, the network didn't stop with these solo adventures, resulting in the mind-blowing premiere of Legends of Tomorrow earlier this year.

Even prior to the conclusion of the first season of Legends of Tomorrow, The CW quickly announced that a second would follow. This doesn't exactly come as a huge shock to us; Legends of Tomorrow has become one of the network's strongest performing shows, and has gone to great lengths in order to further increase the overall scope of the Arrow-verse beyond its humble beginnings. With that in mind we have taken it upon ourselves to compile all of the information we have about the upcoming season of the massive superhero team-up show.

Is Legends Of Tomorrow Renewed?

The CW recently revealed that Legends of Tomorrow would in fact receive a second season. Although the freshman series did not match the 2014 premiere ratings of The Flash, it still continues to draw in a healthy amount of viewers each week, making it a strong performer for The CW.

However, the future of Legends of Tomorrow was not always this bright. Prior to the premiere of the series, certain rumors had swirled indicating that show's expensive production might prevent it from getting a second season. Luckily, it seems to have performed well enough for that not to be an issue for the network.

When Will Legends Of Tomorrow Premiere?

San Diego Comic-Con provided us with a ton of great information regarding the upcoming season of Legends of Tomorrow. One such tidbit that we finally managed to get our hands on is the Season 2 premiere date. It now looks as though Legends of Tomorrow will premiere on Thursday, October 13 -- one week after The Flash and Arrow return to their regular schedule slots. It's unclear as to whether or not this staggered premiere will somehow factor into the chronology of the Arrow-verse, but hey, that's what time travel is for, right?

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