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While Nickelback was once one of the biggest bands in the US, but the band's popularity led to it having as many detractors as it has fans. In fact, a lot of people have a hatred for Nickelback that rivals the hatred for any other musical entity out there. This week, Jim Gaffigan addressed our hatred for Nickelback, mentioning that he feels the world may have gone a little over the top in its hatred for the Canadian band that created "How You Remind Me" and other timely hits. Here's what Gaffigan had to tell Conan O'Brien in a recent interview:

I know that like my friends that are super cool despise Nickelback. Like they kidnapped the Lindbergh baby. It's like they are just playing music---if you don't like it, turn it off. Most of my friends that complain, I'm like, "You're complaining, but like you wait tables, ya know? They sell out arenas." Some people are in the "outrage jail" for something they did wrong and sometimes---like Carrot Top, Carrot Top didn't really do anything wrong but people are mad at him.

While many people's hatred of Nickelback knows no bounds, Jim Gaffigan takes a middle approach to the argument, noting that we could go elsewhere rather than feel intense hatred for a band that hasn't really done much--but exist--to deserve it. The comedian actually got Nickelback to gamely show up on a recent episode of The Jim Gaffigan Show when Gaffigan's character is put on trial in the court of public opinion after making a mildly offensive joke and then defending said offensive joke, which happened to land him in the public opinion jail with Nickelback and others.

It's a really funny joke on a show that has not gotten a ton of prominence, possibly because it airs in the summertime on TV Land. But we're glad that Jim Gaffigan got to talk about this joke while on Conan, because talking about our irrational hate for Nickelback is a great topic of conversation. If you'd like to hear more of Jim Gaffigan's completely reasonable thoughts on the matter, you can check out the whole conversation, below.

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Jim Gaffigan's perspective on the matter makes us realize why the likes of Nickelback, Carrot Top and Gilbert Gottfried would get in on his little joke. Nickelback may be a big name with a slew of fans, but if you are one of those people who just can't stand the group, maybe it's time to get a little more zen on the topic. We suggest meditation. Also, not watching that episode of The Jim Gaffigan Show. Because the group's music has been stuck in my head all day.

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