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A Bachelorette Contestant Just Landed A Huge TV Gig

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The Bachelor and its spinoff The Bachelorette have led to additional opportunities for some of the reality stars over the years. Now in Season 12, The Bachelorette doesn't seem to be an exception. Former college and brief pro-quarterback Jordan Rodgers may or may not find love on the ABC reality series, but he has gotten something out of his big reality performance: a new job on TV. This week we learned Jordan Rodgers has signed on with the SEC Network.

The news first broke when Fox Sports' Clay Travis took to Twitter to share the news, joking about the former football player earning a different kind of rose.

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It's a holiday in the States, and so far the Bachelorette contestant and the SEC Network have declined to put out an official release detailing the upcoming gig. Still, since the SEC Network focuses on college sporting events featuring teams in the SEC conference, the 27-year-old Bachelorette contestant should fit right in, especially since he attended and played football at Vanderbuilt University, which is an SEC school. (He's also the younger brother of NFL legend Aaron Rodgers.) Now that he has on-camera experience with The Bachelorette, we're presuming he should be a shoe-in for this sort of gig.

There are still several episodes left of in Season 12 of The Bachelorette, but Jordan Rodgers has proven to be a big contender on the reality series. (Possible spoilers in this paragraph.) He's earned roses from Bachelorette contestant JoJo Fletcher and various blogs are reporting the outcome of Season 12 will leave him as the winner. He's finding bigger success on TV than he ever found in his various contracts with NFL teams.

He wouldn't be the first contestant on the ABC series to parlay the gig into something bigger and more long-term. Trista and Ryan Sutter have become household names since Season 1 of The Bachelorette. Their wedding was filmed by ABC. She's been on Dancing with the Stars. The world is her oyster. Former contestant Melissa Rycroft now hosts reality shows like Redneck Island. Ali Fedotowsky worked for E! News after her stints. As we stated prior, The Bachelor and Bachelorette can lead to additional gigs and opportunities, should the contestants want them.

To find out how Jordan Rodgers fares in the weeks to come, new episodes of The Bachelorette air on Monday nights at 9 p.m. ET. To find out what TV still has in store this summer, check out our premiere schedule.

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