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No matter how much we hoped against hope while trying to get people interested, The Grinder met its too-soon fate on Fox a few months back, temporarily leaving Rob Lowe without a TV home. Considering how outspoken he was about the cancellation and the state of TV in general, Lowe didn't seem like he'd be anxious to head back for more, but he is, and it won't be within the comedy genre that he's been so comfortable in since 2010. Lowe has been added to the cast of the CBS medical drama Code Black for its upcoming second season. Because...laughter is...the best medicine...right? I appreciate no one throwing tomatoes.

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Code Black, which is going through a casting change-up between seasons, will see Rob Lowe in series regular status as Colonel Ethan Williams, who will be introduced in the Season 2 premiere. Col. Willis was a doctor in the military's acclaimed Combat Casualty Care research program, but he was transferred to Angels Memorial from a combat hospital in Afghanistan, and his mission here is to teach the other doctors what the U.S. military has learned about combat medicine. As viewers would suspect, Marcia Gay Harden's Dr. Leanna Rorish is perfectly fine with Willis' confrontational and violating manner, but she might not have too many others on her side in that respect.

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Created by Michael Sietzman, Code Black is like ER if every episode was "the one where there was too many patients and not enough doctors," with a psycho stalker thrown in for good measure. The cast - which also includes Luis Guzmán, Melanie Chandra and more - bid farewell to actors Raza Jaffrey and Bonnie Somerville after Season 1 came to a close. While Rob Lowe will certainly be a part of that replacement process, the show also promoted Boris Kodjoe and Jillian Murray to regulars, so we'll be seeing more of Dr. Mike Campbell and Dr. Heather Pinkney in the future.

While Rob Lowe will often complement his TV work with roles on the big screen that boosted his career, he's definitely best known for his series work ever since his years as Sam Seaborn on The West Wing, and it used to be mostly for dramatic fare, as he was also on Dr. Vegas, Brothers & Sisters and Californication. But then he took on the hyper-positive role of Chris Traeger in Parks and Recreation, which led directly to his role on The Grinder, as well as the equally short-lived series You, Me and the Apocalypse and Moonbeam City. He'll also be in the Monster Trucks movie.

Code Black will return for Season 2 on CBS on Wednesday, September 28, at 10:00 p.m. ET. To see when everything else will be premiering, check out our fall TV schedule.