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This weekend is a great one for TV/Film fans everywhere. San Diego's Comic-Con is in full effect, so we've been privy to new footage and information from everyone's favorite television shows and film franchises. Yesterday's big wins focused on the Marvel/Netflix television series, with a ton of exciting trailers being released, resulting in nerdgasms from Marvel fans in San Diego and beyond.

One of the more exciting trailers to come out of yesterday was a sizzle reel which took us back on the journeys of Jessica Jones, Daredevil, and the upcoming series Luke Cage. While the video is sure to excite hardcore fans who loved watching the first two series, it also includes a ton of new footage for Luke Cage. Check it out below.

Pretty awesome, right? Let's break down exactly what we're seeing here.

Luke Cage is looking to really set itself apart from its predecessors. To start, the action of the third Netflix series will be set in Harlem, rather than the midtown neighborhood of Hell's Kitchen, which had been the primary setting of Daredevil and Jessica Jones. As such, the inhabitants and main characters will come from different cultural backgrounds than the other two series. Rather than dealing with the Irish and Japanese mobs, Luke Cage is made up primarily of African-American characters, and therefore will focus on Cage's dealings with more local gangs.

While Luke Cage is basically indestructible, it appears that the violence and conflicts in the series will be a bit more down to earth, compared to the superpowered and super deadly villains we've seen in both Daredevil and Jessica Jones. While all of the series have a fair amount of darkness and realism, Luke Cage is shaping up to really be the most grounded of the group.

To see even more footage of Luke Cage, check out the full trailer for the series on the next page.

Like I said, it's pretty gritty. Luke Cage's style of fighting is so badass and terrifying, with him simply walking toward his foes and using anything he wants as a weapon. Seeing him pull the door off of a car or punch through a wall to find a pipe is something we've never really seen before. And it's awesome.

Then again, Luke Cage isn't the only Marvel hero who will be knocking down walls with his bare fists. Check out the first trailer for Iron Fist on the next page.

And just in case you're not already geeking out, Marvel and Netflix even gave us a quick teaser of The Defenders, which will feature all four of the Netflix/Marvel heroes uniting to save New York City. Check it out on the next page.

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