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Scheduling for TV shows has changed significantly over the past few years. While network and cable television traditionally had one long season, which included various breaks whenever holidays of production called for it, schedules are now a bit more organized. The new standard for cable and network TV includes a midseason finale, where a mixture of resolves and cliffhangers makes the audiences eager or their show to return in a few short months. Perhaps no TV series has done this quite so well as AMC's The Walking Dead, and now it appears that its spinoff is following suit. Fear The Walking Dead's midseason finale aired back in May, and now AMC has been giving us a taste of what to expect from the back half of Season 2.

A new video was just released which hints at where the show is headed, check it out.

It looks like the shit is really going to hit the fan in the back half of Season 2. Our characters are spread across various locations, making the threat of other survivors and the undead even more prevalent. Let's break down what our faves will be up to in Season 2B.

The main characters are currently in three distinct groups. The largest is made up of Madison, Alicia, Ofelia, and Strand, whose mission is seemingly unimportant. We saw in the first trailer that the group is presumably looking for supplies, and somewhere for the rest of the group to eventually meet back up with them. And all of that foursome is mourning, as well. With Salazar presumably dead, Ofelia is now an orphan who has lost both her parents. Actress Mercedes Mason claims that her character is near suicide, although it appears her faith may help her cope. Strand has also recently lost his partner, and we see the layers slowly peel away as we meet his humanity. Meanwhile, Madison and Alicia are both fearing for the rest of their family. Nick has seemingly left the forever, leaving them without a son and brother respectively.

The second largest group consists of Travis and crazypants Chris. They're on their own adventure for some reason, but luckily it will give us the opportunity to find out exactly how dark Chris's mind has become. Travis's son has been slowly ascending into madness throughout Fear The Walking Dead's second season, as he seems to be adjusting to the idea of violence in the new world. While this makes him effective when fighting off the undead, it seems that he may be feeling the same level of disdain and violence for the living as well. He doesn't want to be bossed around anymore, and he was presumably ready to kill Madison in the finale before Alicia woke up and caught him. Hopefully the people in charge of the show will give us a resolve, and they'll make both Chris and Travis a little less whiney as the episode count increases.

And finally there's Nick. In a stark transition to his step brother Chris, Nick is unable to cope with the violence of the new world. He seems to have some affinity toward the dead after realizing that Walker guts makes you essentially invisible to him. When Nick's budding relationship with Celia was unable to stop the chaos that ensued in the midseason finale, he left the group and began walking by himself. It seems like he'll be introduced to a significantly large group of survivors, whose inner politics he's sure to interfere with.

What do you think of the above video? Are you excited for the way Fear The Walking Dead is proceeding, or does it just not compare to The Walking Dead? Sound off in the comments below.

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