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The Rio Olympics have been going off without too much of a hitch, regardless of the earlier water safety concerns and other issues that seemed to be plaguing the country's Olympics development prior to the athletes showing up. Regardless, Rio is hoping to keep the stadiums looking as nice as possible and has even put together a cover of Queen's "We Will Rock You" in order to make sure that Olympics attendees keep the area clean and smoke free. The whole cover is pretty outrageous, honestly. You can check out a performance of it at a 2016 event.

The cover, which is performed by Bianca Jhordao and her crew of Rio dancers, is completely ridiculous. While you may only hear the catchy chorus in the tweet, there are plenty of verses too, filled with lyrics like, "Silence is gold, the medals are gold, please silence your phones to vibrate mode." The song also features an entire Portuguese lyric that goes a little like this:

Do you really wanna smoke,

Please don't do it here,

Those special zones are above that slope,

Take some pictures,

Don't use flash...

The weird rhyming doesn't totally match up to the original vocals of "We Will Rock You," but points to the Rio Olympics for getting such a catchy song stuck in our heads for the next few days. Bianca Jhordao said via an Instagram post that she has been asked to perform the song a couple of times per day at the Maria Lenk swimming and water sports venue. She also really seems into performing the song, which is good, since she is forced to repeat herself multiple times every day.

While the whole thing seems more than a little cheesy, I can see how the Rio Olympics thought this would be a more fun and friendly way of reminding people of how to behave than simply making an announcement over the loudspeaker. I would assume people respond a lot better to Bianca Jhordao than they would to some droning loudspeaker announcement that they would promptly ignore, but I'm just guessing based on my own experience.

On a serious note, though, it would really suck for the divers and several other competitors if they were interrupted by the loud sound of a cell phone ringing. Plus, the last thing that an Olympian needs is to have to worry about an audience member smoking around them and potentially affecting their breathing, etc. If they have to hear a silly Queen cover a couple of times a day in order to achieve that, then so be it.

The Summer Olympics run through August 21. You can catch footage during primetime on NBC.

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