Walking Dead: Michael Cudlitz's Brutally Honest Opinion On Spoilers

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Ever since last season's finale episode "Last Day on Earth" aired back in April, fans of The Walking Dead haven't stopped talking about the major cliffhanger that it ended on. As fans of the series know, the final moments of Season 6 saw Jeffrey Dean Morgan's Negan make his glorious and terrifying debut. With the majority of the main cast on their knees in front of him, Negan informed the group that he was now their boss, and would be killing one of them in order to send a message to the denizens of Alexandria. From there, a terrifying game of "eenie meenie miney mo" commenced, which concluded in him bashing the brains of a mystery character in.

Since then, fans of The Walking Dead have been desperately trying to figure out which character died in the finale. Now actor Michael Cudlitz, who plays everyone's favorite foul mouthed survivor Abraham, has spoken up regarding spoilers. And he didn't hold back, either.

Guess what? You don't get to know, and you don't know. Anything anyone is reporting out there is pure speculation unless they are getting information from someone who is in the cast or who is working for the company. If that's the case, then they're fucking assholes anyway. You just ruined it for people who don't want to know.

How do you really feel, Abraham? This statement comes to us from an interview that Michael Cudlitz did with Yahoo. After having a good rapport with his interviewer, Cudlitz felt comfortable enough to get candid about spoilers. And he really has a point.

While most people think that actors merely rehearse and perform scenes for TV and film, the job actually has a ton of other responsibilities. One of these is press junkets and interviews, which help gain viewership for whichever project they're trying to advertise. And with a show as popular as The Walking Dead, this means that there are tons of people trying to get information out of actors with each appearance. This seems to be really wearing on Michael Cudlitz, especially because tons of interviews attempt to trick the actor into revealing who died at the hands of Negan.

It does seem a bit dirty to attempt this type of manipulation on an actor. If someone like Michael Cudlitz were to accidentally slip up and reveal who Negan killed, there would presumably be some pretty extreme consequences to be faced; he could possibly lose out on major money or even face termination, considering how popular The Walking Dead is.

But Michael Cudlitz also makes a great point: the whole point of suspenseful shows like The Walking Dead is to make the audience feel something. So any spoilers that might happen for the apocalyptic drama would really ruin the show, and nobody wants that.

The Walking Dead will return to our TV's on October 23, 2016 on AMC. Keep it here at Cinema Blend for all updates on the zombies, guts, and thrills.

Corey Chichizola
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