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The walls of the writers room over at The Simpsons must be at least three feet thicker than they used to be, from all the story ideas thrown at the wall that stuck. (No wagers on how much higher the floor is from what didn't stick to the wall.) In any case, the creative team is making a brilliant move in bringing back the fan favorite character Frank Grimes for Season 28, in what will be the series' 600th episode. So many episode.

Given Frank Grimes' current checkbox on a form marked "Dead or Alive" is most definitely penciled into the dead column - I'm taking longer to say simple things, because that's just the kind of thing Grimey would think is hila-a-a-arious - he is understandably coming to the "Treehouse of Horror" episode, which will be the 27th installment. And it sounds like we're going to see him finally get his revenge on Homer, whose inefficiency indirectly caused Frank's demise for a Season 8 episode back in 1997.

Frank's resurrection will sadly not come in one of the three tales, but during the opening. Al Jean told EW that the Frank's spirit will team up with Sideshow Bob and two other characters to form a "sinister squadron" of the Simpson family's enemies to kill them. Sounds as solid as any idea I've ever heard in my life, even brain surgery and ice cream, and I hope it's the first time the opening scene lasts 20 minutes. Check out what he'll look like below, which is essentially "good ol' Frank."

This will be the first time audiences will hear Frank's voice since that initial episode, with Frank Azaria reprising the bespectacled ball of frustration, though his name has definitely come up on multiple occasions over the years. Most notably, we've met Frank Grimes Jr., who also tried to get some revenge, and then for the creeptastic couch gag created by Ren & Stimpy animator John Kricfalusi, a monster rose from Frank's grave. But this will be the real deal. Just not really, because it's "Treehouse of Horror," and also because The Simpsons only uses canon when it counts.

I don't want to pull a "The Simpsons already did it" card, but last year had the stellar "Wanted: Dead, Then Alive" segment that had Sideshow Bob being allowed to kill Bart in a number of different and hilarious ways. Not that Simpsons characters haven't died on "Treehouse of Horror" episodes before. I guess I just really wanted to talk about that episode because I liked it.

The Simpsons will return to Fox for a Wiggum-whopping Season 28 on Sunday, September 25, at 8:00 p.m. ET, with a premiere that will take shots at Trump University with guest star Jason Alexander. To find out when the rest of your favorite shows are coming back and possibly resurrecting your favorite characters, check out our fall TV schedule.

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