What Jimmy Kimmel Thinks Of His Late Night Competitors

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Jimmy Kimmel has been duking it out against the other late night hosts in the ratings on ABC for years. He was on the air before any of the other current late night hosts, having starred in Jimmy Kimmel Live! since 2003. While he's seen late night hosts come and go, he certainly still has opinions about the people he is currently airing opposite on network TV. In a recent interview, Jimmy Kimmel revealed exactly what he thinks about Jimmy Fallon and Stephen Colbert, who have taken over the 11:35 TV slots on NBC and CBS. Here's what he had to say.

After jokingly stating he equates Jimmy Fallon with the word "rapist," the 68th Annual Emmy Awards host had these charming words to say about Jimmy Fallon:

The first word? He's extremely likeable both on camera and off. I happen to like him a lot.

It's nice that Jimmy Kimmel isn't the type to get bitter about ratings. The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon has soundly beaten out both Kimmel and Stephen Colbert's shows nearly every week in the ratings. However, from what Jimmy Kimmel has said to People, outside of competing for late night eyeballs, he really enjoys Fallon's company. The comments echo similar sentiments that Jimmy Fallon himself has made in the past about his fellow late night hosts actually being supportive.

Jimmy Kimmel also got a little jokey about Stephen Colbert before saying something sincere:

Again, a predator. Dangerous individual. I love Stephen. Very smart and one of the most decent people you'll ever meet.

Stephen Colbert and Jimmy Kimmel have bandied back and forth in the ratings ever since the former Colbert Report host headed to CBS last fall. While Kimmel has kept doing Kimmel, Stephen Colbert has had a lot on his plate and The Late Show with Stephen Colbert even went through an entire revamping after the network wasn't super happy about the numbers the show was doing. But again, outside of the numbers, there does seem to be respect between the two men.

Any why not? Rivalries can get out of control when they go from friendly to serious, and nobody wants to see grown men in suits exchanging mean-spirited barbs to the press. Each host brings something very different to the late night table, and we're grateful all three are still doing their things on the major networks.

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