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Television production can be a very fickle business. No matter how successful a show can be, one wrong turn or poor season can really turn things around and possibly end the show altogether. Just look at Heroes and True Detective. But on the other side of the coin, a series can do so well with ratings and reception that a renewal will be ordered while it is still in its infancy, just like Netflix's Daredevil. Luckily for Ryan Murphy and all of the droves of American Horror Story fans, it looks like the latter has happened over on FX.

american horror story renewal

FX has just announced that Ryan Murphy's horror anthology series American Horror Story has been renewed for Season 7. All things considered, this is pretty damn early; American Horror Story: Roanoke is only three episodes in, but is clearly making waves in regards to both critical reception and audience viewership. So FX (or as I like to call it, Ryan Murphy land) has gone ahead and renewed the series for another horrifying season.

Part of why American Horror Story was renewed is likely because of the massive buzz that Season 6 has accrued. Ryan Murphy and company really thew the fandom for a loop when refusing to give any details about Season 6 before its premiere date. We didn't know the season's theme, who the actors would be playing, which actors were the leads, or any of the juicy details that we've come to expect before AHS' premiere. Instead, we were given a plethora of vague teasers, which built anticipation higher than we've seen since back in Season 3. Even casual viewers tuned in to see what Season 6 was all about, and we were all caught off guard by the new theme and format.

Season 6 of American Horror Story is titled My Roanoke Nightmare and is using a mockumentary format. Similar to the various ghost story shows on cable, we are given one set of actors who are the "real people" narrating the story, and then shown the other set of actors who perform "dramatic reenactments". This is a major step away from what we typically expect from AHS, and proves that the folks behind the series have no problem making drastic changes and keeping the audience on their toes.

Of course, the renewal of American Horror Story should come as no surprise. Ryan Murphy has made quite a name for himself, producing his work solely on FOX and FX. His latest creation, American Crime Story raked up an impressive amount of award nominations and wins, and has widely been considered one of the best new shows of 2016. Murphy also has Scream Queens currently in its second season on FOX, and we can't forget that Glee ran on the network for six seasons. And he famously burst onto the TV scene with Nip/Tuck, which also aired on FX. Basically, the only project of Murphy's that didn't run on FX or FOX was NBC's The New Normal, which was quickly cancelled after its first season.

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