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The seventh season of AMC's hit drama The Walking Dead has been a doozy so far. After waiting sixth months go find out which character died in last year's finale, we've been given an absolutely brutal first three episodes that show just how screwed our scrappy group of survivors are. Because in addition to the loss of Abraham and Glenn, as well as Alexandria's need for something they can offer to The Saviors, we lost Daryl. Yes, the redneck with a heart of gold is still alive, but he was kidnapped by The Saviors and taken to their facility.

Last week's episode focused entirely on Daryl's life as a prisoner of Negan, and it fleshed out his complicated relationship with Dwight. The end of the episode saw Daryl refusing Negan's offer to a cushy Savior life, so we all assumed he wasn't returning to Alexandria anytime soon. But we thought wrong.

the walking dead season 7

A new sneak peek clip from this week's episode of The Walking Dead was just released over at Entertainment Weekly. The brief scene features Negan showing up at Alexandria with a ton of Saviors. And at the very end of we see a glimpse of Daryl. He still looks like crap, but Negan brought him along for the ride- presumably to threaten his life if Rick and company don't comply.

walking dead daryl

Crazy, right? Given The Walking Dead's penchant for separating stories into their own episodes, I figured Daryl wouldn't be back until we got another episode that was fully set in The Saviors' compound. Alas, Negan will be playing with both Daryl and our group- teasing them with a reunion that will likely not happen anytime soon, if ever. I doubt Daryl will be permitted to speak, so we'll see how our characters attempt to communicate with him. At least Carol isn't there to see how far her companion has fallen; she's too busy in that little house outside The Kingdom.

Also shown in the brief clip is Rosita, who is looking emotionally and physically drained from her trauma. But she's eager to look in the face of her lover's killer, and appears like she might be wearing one of Abraham's shirts. Her costume are usually pretty form fitting, but her shirt in the scene is decidedly lose. Check it out.

the walking dead rosita

That's not the Rosita we've come to love over the past few years. You can see the mixture of despair and hatred in her eyes, which I'm hoping will transform itself into an exciting season for Rosita. Actress Christian Serratos just made it onto the opening credits, and it makes sense that losing Abraham would catapult the character into a more dynamic and leading role.

The Walking Dead airs Sundays on AMC.

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