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It's officially Thanksgiving week. And while we may be excited to stuff our faces with turkey and mashed potatoes, there is a price to pay: awkward family conversations. While we all love holidays, everyone has that one family member that is drinks too much, gets crazy, and goes on a rant. Luckily for us, Saturday Night Live has a solution: Target. Last night's episode of SNL featured a new digital short with a fake Target advertisement. And in addition to the various Thanksgiving materials available at Targets everywhere, the stores also features a few more special features that will help you get through the holidays.

That's right, Target is here to help you completely avoid your family altogether. They truly do have everything.

The above digital short starts like any other typical Target commercial. We see the superstore's signature style represented, as the short advertises that Target has everything you need for Thanksgiving Day. Then the products start being listed, before things suddenly come to a crashing halt. Target has Thanksgiving home decor, bakeware for making some pumpkin pie, and even groceries like a Turkey and cranberries. And in addition to those essentials, the store offers something else for people who are going home for the first time since the election: a big empty parking lot you can just come sit in for a sec.

The election results have surely divided the country, and this is also true from within many American's families. As such, some folks wish they could avoid their family (and possibly any impending disagreements or arguments) for just a few minutes longer. Luckily, Target can provide that. The commercial encourages you to take a spot in a parking lot and avoid actually entering the holiday festivities. There are a variety of activities you can participate in, such as staring blankly into space, adjusting your seat, turning off your heat and watching your breath, or connecting with other Target shoppers who are doing the same thing.

But it's not over there. The Target commercial also encourages shoppers to actually enter the store, and procrastinate attending Thanksgiving dinner altogether. You can lay in the fetal position at the toy section, wander around the clothing racks, and sit in the bra section with your smart phone. Plus, they're hiding flasks in the Play-Doh for you.

What Saturday Night Live does great with this short is appealing to all sides of the political spectrum. Regardless of your particular views, it's likely that you have at least one family member that doesn't agree with you. This can be the cause of anxiety leading up to the holiday, which is something we can all agree on.

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