Watch Aaron Paul Crack Up Over Better Call Saul's Most Hilarious Scene

For its 2016 season, Better Call Saul had what was potentially the funniest scenes it has ever done when it introduced the Squat Cobbler. Formally, the Squat Cobbler didn't exist before then, and now the team behind the show has created a video of a Squat Cobbler for the Blu-ray release of Season 2. Series creator Vince Gilligan decided to show the video to Aaron Paul and film his reaction. It's brief but pretty great. Check it out below.

Aaron Paul was lucky enough to see the exclusive video and judging by his reaction, it's equal parts weird and gross. For anyone who isn't caught up on the Breaking Bad prequel, a Squat Cobbler is the act of sitting on a pie and filming yourself for sexual reasons --- you might understand now why Paul said, "I think I feel berries." It was never seen on the show, but now they've filmed a Squat Cobbler video for an extra incentive to buy the Blu-ray.

For those a little bit more curious, the origins of the Squat Cobbler are as follows. Jimmy McGill AKA "Saul Goodman" (Bob Odenkirk) gets a call from "private investigator" Mike Ehrmantraut (Jonathan Banks) asking if he's still willing to bend some moral rules. Mike's former client (Mark Proksch) is an amateur drug dealer who makes some huge mistakes. After a robbery, he calls the police, but then acts so jittery that it arouses their suspicions. They find what's obviously a stash hole for drugs, and now Mike could potentially be comprised too.

Cut to the police station, and Jimmy is sitting with the detectives trying to smooth things over. He needs a reason for why his client is so nervous and why there was a secret hole. Off the top of his head, he says that his client is in the "art business." He films tapes of a sexual nature for a man, and after some pressing from the detectives, Jimmy calls it a Squash Cobbler (Hoboken Squash Cobbler to be precise).

What follows might be the most elaborate and brilliant lie ever told. I'll let the scene in question speak for itself.

I think we can all see why Aaron Paul was laughing so hard now. Better Call Saul Season 3 is expected to premiere in early 2017. To learn when more of your favorite shows are returning then check out CinemaBlend's midseason premiere schedule.

Matt Wood

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