The Path Trailer: Aaron Paul's Next Starring Role Looks Insane

The era of streaming series looking even more intriguing than many network shows appears to be continuing. Hulu is more known for its comedic originals than its dramas, but has nevertheless put together a stellar cast for its latest series The Path, that includes Aaron Paul (Breaking Bad) and Hugh Dancy (Hannibal). The show – formerly called The Way - will revolve around a controversial faith-based movement and how it affects the people caught in the middle as they struggle with the reality they have vs. the reality they want. The first trailer looks absolutely insane. Check it out!

Aaron Paul stars as Eddie Cleary, a husband and father of two whose family becomes entrenched in the controversial goings-on of a cult. Eddie will go through a crisis of faith after everything he holds dear and true in his life is met with challenges. If the trailer is anything to go by, Eddie’s crisis of faith won’t be resolved easily. This also marks Paul's first non-animated TV lead since Breaking Bad went off the air.

Aaron Paul in The Path

Co-starring with Paul is Hugh Dancy, who will play charisma-oozing faith leader Cal Roberts who will insinuate himself into the lives and dynamics of the members of his congregation. Cal inserting himself into the rocky relationship between Eddie and wife Sarah will undoubtedly cause trouble within the faith. Considering the size of Cal’s flock of followers, however, I’d bet that Cal is going to have a much easier time than Eddie and Sarah with some of that trouble.

Hugh Dancy

Michelle Monaghan (True Detective) also stars, playing the role of Sarah Cleary. In The Path, she'll be struggling to keep her head above water as Cal’s interference begins to affect her marriage in a very real way.

On the whole, the trailer doesn’t tell us a whole lot more than that the performances are going to be awesome and the premise is going to be eerie. Honestly, even without all of the intercut shots of eager worshippers and despairing characters, the creepy story that Eddie is reading to his daughter in the opening voiceover would be a pretty solid tipoff that The Path is not going to be typical Hulu fare. It also definitely looks like it will be taking advantage of the greater freedom afforded from an online streaming service when it comes to nudity...

The Path will run for ten episodes on Hulu and premiere on March 30, 2016. Check out our list of midseason TV premiere dates for a list of shows to watch in the meantime.

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