Watch A News Anchor Try To Draw A Cannon, Accidentally Draw Something Else

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The cool thing about the local news is that it is still often filmed live, which means we sometimes get to see awkward interactions between the anchors and more. Recently, a local news channel in Seattle tried out a fun new toy, enabling the anchors to doodle images live on television. However, some of their drawing skills were a little more precise than others, and one woman accidentally drew a penis when she was tasked with drawing something very different.

Fox Q13 news anchors Kaci Aitchison and Travis Mayfield were trying out Google's new Quick, Draw game when the penis incident occurred. The way the game works is that Google's game will try to predict what the player is drawing while they are drawing. Mayfield went first and capably put together shapes that eventually created a pair of scissors. Kaci Aitchison was then super excited to give the game a shot, but when she got the word cannon she had trouble getting the cannon together. Instead, her drawing looked pretty close to a penis.

I get the pressure Aitchison was under. It was her first time using Quick, Draw so she was definitely a newbie. And the game only gives you 20 seconds to draw a competent drawing. The whole penis accident is pretty adorable though. Realizing immediately what she had put up on the screen, Kaci Aitchison jumped in front of her drawing while Mayfield reveals "there's no erasing" to the game, meaning she was stuck with the penis drawing until the next round.

Later, Aitchison was able to redeem herself, drawing a truck for the Google game. She's clearly a spirited drawer, but maybe not the most talented one, as she then attempted a giraffe that Google mistook for a mermaid, a flashlight and a duck---in that order. This game looks fabulous.

This isn't the first time something phallic has popped up on the local news. In fact, it's not even the first time that someone has drawn a penis on the local news. It happened to a traffic person inadvertently before when she was trying to draw traffic patterns for ABC News. Another news channel once even showed footage of a penis when broadcasting a segment about a helicopter crash. One poor news anchor caught flack for wearing a dress with a collar shaped like a penis. These things happen from time to time, and when they do, the best way to handle it is really to just laugh it off, as the Fox Q13 team did hear. No harm, no foul.

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Jessica Rawden
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