There may not be a more democratic way to see what movies people were interested in throughout 2015 than search results. It should be a strong indicator of the things that movie fans wanted to read about. Google has released their list of the most searched movies this year, and while most on the list won’t be surprising -- they were all successful films this year -- their order doesn’t match the box office totals.

Half of the Top 10 box office successes don’t even makethis list, while one of the films wasn’t even from this year. Check out the most searched for films of 2015. Are your choices on here?

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10. Mad Max: Fury Road

Box Office Totals: $153,636,354 (Domestic)

Our Review:
"As crazy, thrilling, gorgeous and awesome as anyone could really hope, and guaranteed to be one of the best big-screen spectacles of the year."

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