Watch The Best News Bloopers From 2015

It’s the most wonderful time of the year. A time when news anchors drop f-bombs and hyper-sexualized comments. A time when bank robbers are caught live on the air. A time when our favorite news moments are compiled into a neat and tidy compilation video. For the best news moments of 2015, catch the video, below.

Some of these people have become infamous in the past year, including the woman who grabbed two Totinos pizzas as her house was flooding and the little kid who started crying on the first day of school when the reporter asked if he was going to miss his mom. Some of the moments that didn’t go quite as viral are pretty hilarious, including the girl who did planks and push ups behind a guy who was giving a live news report or the guy that vociferously said sex toys are the reason Amazon has been so successful. There are truly so many golden moments in this NewsBeFunny compilation.

Luckily, it doesn’t end with this one 15-minute video. Instead, there are enough wacky and funny clips from 2015 news shows to fill multiple videos. This one will remind you of the “Deez Nuts” independent candidate who went viral in 2015. There’s some stuff from overseas, including comments about knicker drawers and a New Zealand man who dropped information about genitals. Plus, there are so, so many shots of Tom Brady barely containing himself when he talked about “balls.” For the Brady stuff, pop over to the 2:40 mark. For the video footage you really need to watch of the dude who saved his rack of ribs in an apartment fire, head to the 10:37 mark.

It may initially be hard to believe that there were enough news bloopers this year to fill two 15-minute-long videos, but when you take into account that there are a ton of national news stations and even more local news stations in the US and combine those with flubs, bloopers and other odd moments that became viral in the States but originated in other countries, 30 minutes of bloopers actually seems rather short.

If you are at work now and can’t get down with f-bombs or other oddball shenanigans, be sure to bookmark this one for later. Because even if you’ve seen a few of these viral moments, there are guaranteed to be some glorious TV moments from 2015 you have yet to lay eyes on. And if you are anything like me, they should keep you in stitches for several minutes.

Jessica Rawden
Managing Editor

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