The Flash Just Revealed Alchemy's Real Identity, And Wow

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Spoilers below for anyone who hasn't seen tonight's episode of The Flash.

The Flash ended last week's episode with the reveal of the all new (and pretty blue) big bad Savitar, who will undoubtedly make Barry continue ruing every single day he's alive. But tonight's episode had another crazy reveal, in that viewers finally got to know who has been behind the mask of Doctor Alchemy since the Flashpoint timeline got reversed. And like some fans out there have been hypothesizing, Alchemy is none other than Tom Felton's Julian Albert. It all makes so much sense now! Well, part of it.

Tonight's "Killer Frost," the second episode directed by Kevin Smith, was largely about Caitlin trying to come to grips with her increasingly dangerous Killer Frost persona. But, as is the case for most episodes, those final moments were some of the most exciting ones, as Savitar's disembodied voice woke up the hospitalized Julian and lured him outside, where the God of Speed convinced Julian to don Alchemy's costume at least one more time.

That new information makes last week's showdown between Alchemy and Central City PD all the more crazy, since Julian was obviously in a ridiculously precarious situation at that point, standing among his colleagues while under the evil guidance of such a powerful antagonist. But at this point, viewers are the only ones that know Julian was doing the masked mischief. At least, that's what we think, since next week could totally reveal something disproving that.

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It will be interesting to see just how this part of the story plays out moving forward, particularly with how things played out between Julian and Barry in the hospital room. The newer character, whose health was threatened by Killer Frost, was approached by Barry to keep Caitlin's name out of it all, and Julian agreed, but with the stipulation that Barry immediately resigns from Central City Police Department. It seemed like a bizarrely harsh request, even knowing how the two of them didn't get along all that much, but now we know he has more villainous intentions.

Now, as stated previously, Julian doesn't appear to be the most helpful and go-getting kind of henchman for Savitar to be using, so it's possible he's not completely a dirtbag. Still, he has already caused tons of problems as Alchemy, and I don't think anyone is going to let him off the hook just because he was blah about going through with all of it. Especially not Greg Grunberg's new character, who has taken Julian's place as the show's resident "Aw, screw the metahumans" guy. We shall see just how long Julian is able to keep this double life going before something gives.

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