Watch Kevin James And Jimmy Fallon Spit Food On Each Other For Hilariously Messy Sketch

The other night, Kevin James stopped by The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon and was one of the few guests to be surprised by the fun-loving host. Jimmy Fallon had unearthed an episode of Point Pleasant Police Department, a (fake) show that featured him and James in rare dramatic turns. It's said that series was full of arguments and high tensions, but it might never have been higher than on the popular Thanksgiving episode. Fallon and James sat back to watch some clips from the police drama when things got a little filthy.

Drama at its absolute messiest. Jimmy Fallon is known for the games he plays with celebrities, but I'd hate to be the one who has to do Point Pleasant Police Department. The recurring bit is a sketch in which Fallon and his guest play two cops who always have important conversations while eating the sloppiest foods available. The result is always a catastrophe and this special Thanksgiving episode might have been the messiest (and grossest) Fallon one has ever done. James spits so hard on him at one point that Fallon's hat goes flying off!

Even if you're not a fan of Fallon or James, there is plenty of enjoyment to be had from watching this video. Gross-out humor certainly has its moments. The sketch has a pretty solid escalation, as Fallon and James' cops continue to spit more and more eatables at each other, a coat of mashed potatoes and pumpkin pie forming over their jackets and faces. Even the actors themselves can barely keep it together, but you can't really fault them because of how silly the whole thing is. They can't even keep their mustaches on, with James at on point falling into some potatoes before he finally gives up.

It's tough to pin down exactly what the highlight of this video is, but there are two moments that stand out to me. The first was when Fallon spat a glob of pumpkin at James' face that stuck to the Kevin Can Wait actor's cheek. Jimmy Fallon, much like his days on Saturday Night Live, couldn't keep from breaking on that one. The second highlight was right at the end when the two prepared their final spit-take and filled their mouths with whipped cream. When they look at each other, there's a single second where they have a mini stand-off before James blasts Fallon with a face full of the white stuff. The audience reaction is priceless.

The Tonight Show isn't always the most riveting late night show, but there's admirable in its silliness, and I suppose we don't really need anything more around the holidays. You can watch The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon weeknights at 11:35 p.m. ET on NBC and Kevin Can Wait on Mondays 8 p.m. ET on CBS.

Matt Wood

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