Iron Chef America Is Making A Comeback

Iron Chef America

Cooking competition shows are a dime a dozen these days. From Chopped, to Masterchef and Cupcake Wars, each of these shows brings a different spin to the notion of competitive cooking. One of the most fascinating shows in the history of the genre is Iron Chef America, which produced some of the most well-known celebrity chefs of our time. Now it seems that Food Network and host Alton Brown are eager to capitalize on the legacy of that particular series, as an Iron Chef America reboot is officially in the works.

According to a brand new report from Variety, it seems that Iron Chef America is about to receive a reboot from Food Network. Titled, Iron Chef Gauntlet, the reboot will bring back host Alton Brown to provide color commentary for one of the coolest cooking competitions on television. As fans of the original Iron Chef America series likely remember, the basic format of the show revolves around one celebrity chef who takes on a brand new challenger in the kitchen every week in order to defend the title of "Iron Chef." For now the reports seem to indicate that the overall format of Iron Chef will change slightly when Gauntlet finally debuts, but as of now we don't have many details regarding how it will specifically change, other than the network is looking to get new episodes together in 2017.

Iron Chef is remembered for bolstering the careers of well-known celebrity chefs like Bobby Flay, Marc Forgione, and Geoffrey Zakarian, and we're sure some new celebrity chefs will be created as a result of Gauntlet's run. It's just a matter of time.

This isn't the first Alton Brown-hosted cooking show set to receive a revival. Earlier this month the host also announced that he would soon premiere an internet-based cooking show formatted in the same manner as his classic series, Good Eats. Although this apparently won't be a direct sequel to Good Eats, it will very much feel like a spiritual successor. Between Iron Chef Gauntlet, and this new take on the Good Eats formula, it's clear that Alton Brown is about to become a very busy man, and we're just fine with that.

Overall it appears to be a good time for cooking shows in general, as several well-known chefs are slated to return to the small screen in the near future. In addition to Alton Brown's upcoming ventures, we also know that Gordon Ramsey is slated to return to FOX for an American reboot of his British series, The F Word. One thing is pretty much certain: you are not going to want to watch television on an empty stomach any time in the foreseeable future.

CinemaBlend will bring you more information related to the upcoming debut of Iron Chef Gauntlet as new details become available to us. The upcoming reboot is expected to commence production early next year, and debut some time in the second quarter of 2017. Stay tuned for more details!

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